The 11 Best Tactical Boots In 2020 – Reviews & Guides

Identifying the right and best tactical boots can be hard. This applies to both seasoned as well as novice users. A pair that may have been the best few years or months ago may soon be overtaken by a new release. A product that served another Person well may not be very okay for you. It may be a little wide, somewhat narrow, too light or too heavy.

Potential buyers are also worried about the reliability and durability of the footwear. No one wants to struggle to wear and to remove it. Also, nobody desires it to replace the accessory too soon. You also need to pay attention to the color, design, flexibility, quality, weight, size, price and much more. In the following review, we will look at the best tactical boots on the market.

The Top 11 Best Tactical Boots

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#11. Men Tactical Waterproof Boot Wide

Merrell Moab 2 8 Tactical Waterproof Boot Wide Men's

  • By: Merrell

The Merell Moab Tactical boot is ideal for most men. It comes in a nice coyote color that gives it military like appeal. It’s also a sturdy piece and is made of leather and fabric. It handles the use and the elements pretty well. This assures you of longevity and reliability. The boot is tough but still lightweight. You won’t struggle to move around with it. Moreover, it has a nice cozy interior for extra comfort. It has good breathability to support good air circulation and also has a soft lining. Cases of a sweaty interior or odor will, therefore, be unlikely.

The Vibram sole provides excellent grip on different surfaces, be it sand, grass, mud, dirt, and concrete or any other. It prevents you from slipping or falling. We like the decent thickness as well as knobby nature. This helps it to absorb shock, impact, vibration and much more. The footwear is relatively water-resistant and will minimize moisture buildup inside the shoe.

  • Good design and very elegant
  • Good comfort and support
  • Strong stitching and durable design
  • Easy to adorn and clean
  • It’s not 100% waterproof

Our Verdict

With this pair of boots, you’ll have little trouble. It’s a tough piece that handles the use and elements well. It’s also lightweight and won’t bog you down. Besides, it’s made of tough materials and also has a nice cozy interior. The comfort and reliability of this pair of boots are unmatched by most other options.

#10. Men’s Valsetz RTS Zipper Military Boots

Under Armour Men's Valsetz RTS 1.5 with Zipper Military and Tactical

  • By: Under Armor

The black boots by Under Armor should be what you are looking for. They are very flexible, and putting them on and taking off is very easy. They are ideal for tactical, hunting, trekking and other things. The design is strong, and solid will certainly sustain the sturdy outdoors and harsh weather. The upper consists of tough synthetic material that provides excellent security. In addition, the interior is smooth and cozy for optimum convenience. It has a rubber sole to guarantee you or a non-slip grip, and this decreases the chances of you slipping or falling.

The boot feels lighter than most other options. Nevertheless, it’s still very strong. We like the bigger opening that makes wearing and removal much easier and practical as well. And to keep it intact on foot, it features a reliable lacing system. Thanks to being water-resistant, your feet will stay dry.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made from tough materials
  • Look good and very stylish
  • Suitable for different settings and individuals
  • It’s somewhat narrow

Our Verdict

This is a great pair of tactical boots. It is available in many sizes to suit different wearers. We like the simple and plain style which mixes well with the surrounding. This makes it a good pick for most people. It’s also versatile for easy wearing and removal and also has a smooth and cozy interior. Cleaning and taking care of these boots is easy.

#9. Men’s Light Assault Boots

Oakley Men's Light Assault Boot 2 Boots

  • By: Oakley

These boots are targeted at men who enjoy tactical sports. They are relatively lightweight for easy and convenient movement. They open wider and are also flexible. This makes putting them on much easier. They additionally are really adaptable to match diverse demands and customer preferences. We value the simple nature along with the decent size and weight. Additionally, they have nice strapping systems to prevent the footwear from coming loose. And since they are lightweight you should not have issues even after wearing them for lots of hours.

The sole is made from hard rubber and provides a non-slip grip. This guarantees you remain on your feet even on slippery surfaces. We love the thicker nature which adds to the anti-slip nature and improves the shock absorption. Compared to other types, the sole is knobbier. The top is long-lasting and less most likely to tear or rip. It additionally has excellent breathability to keep the feet cool in heat environments and also to maintain a dry inside.

  • Good mobility and protection
  • Plush design and elegant
  • Good shock and impact absorption
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Good Ventilation and comfort
  • The arch support isn’t the best

Our Verdict

This is amongst the very best tactical boots in the marketplace. It’s straightforward in style and very versatile. Wearing and removal should, therefore, be easy. The upper and sole come in excellent quality and are also durable. The non-slip sole minimizes slippage whereas the cool style matches various surroundings well. Many consumers like this footwear for the smooth and cozy interior.

#8. Men’s Waterproof Military Boots With Slip Resistant Outsole

5.11 Tactical Men's ATAC 1.0 Waterproof Military Storm Boots, Slip Resistant Outsole

  • By: 5.11

This footwear comes in simple a plain black color. It should be fine with most wearers. It comprises a tough upper made of 100% blather and fabric. The 5.11 Tactical Men’s ATAC 1.0 boot is a great selection for lots of people and functions well in the outside setup. We love the color and style which combines perfectly with nature. The runner sole provides excellent grip and prevents slippage. It also doesn’t leave marks on the surfaces. It will tolerate the outdoors and extreme weather conditions fairly well.

The interior is smooth and cozy to offer you optimal convenience. We also like the good lacing which secures the boots well on the feet. It’s a reasonably light boot and has a bigger opening. This makes taking off and adorning them easier. It’s additionally waterproof and will keep the feet dry in damp circumstances. Moreover, it’s a flexible item that functions fine in numerous setups. These include tactical, trekking, and hiking.

  • Very comfortable and smooth interior
  • Versatile and easy to wear/remove
  • Tough and durable
  • Water-proof and good breathability
  • The rubber sole isn’t very thick

Our Verdict

These boots are lightweight yet sturdy. They will sustain the tough outdoors well and also offer good protection to your feet. In addition, they are much less likely to tear, tear or come apart and also have good support. They are water-resistant and help to keep the feet dry. The inside is comfy and smooth for extra convenience.

#7. Men Military & Tactical Boot

Stellar Military and Tactical Boot

  • By: Stellar

Are you searching for the best tactical boot in the market? The Stellar military pair of boots are excellent for many situations including tactical, hiking, and hunting. The black-colored unit looks tough thanks to the color and also the style. It’s likewise a durable item and is made from 900D nylon textile upper and DWR treated leather material. It will combat the elements, use, impact, vibrations, abrasion, abuse and much more. This assures you of good service, maximum comfort, and long life.

The boot is lightweight, and you won’t feel challenged especially when wearing it for long periods. And although light, it’s toughly built footwear. This provides decent protection to your feet. It has a nice interior and excellent breathability, and this makes certain that air circulation is good. Moreover, the soft and absorbent lining helps to deal with sweat and limits bad odor. We love the tough stitching which prevents any likelihood of the boot coming apart. It also has an antiskid rubber sole for maximum grip and enhanced safety.

  • Great grasp on various surface areas
  • Good shock and impact absorption
  • Great style and durable
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • It looks a bit plain

Our Verdict

With these boots, you’ll have an enjoyable time out there. It’s a strong pair that manages the use and elements well. It’s additionally lightweight and will not bog you down. We like the robust yet lightweight materials and ergonomic design. It has a comfy interior and doesn’t encourage odor buildup.

#6. Men’s Combat Military Tactical Mid-Ankle Boots

CQR Men's Combat Military Tactical Mid-Ankle Boots EDC Outdoor Assault

  • By: CQR

If you wish to have a wonderful pair of tactical boots, COR military boots should provide you with a good solution. It’s really adaptable and operates all right in numerous setups. We like the solid layout and durable items that will stand up to the outdoors and the climate. The top contains durable products to give good performance and support. It is also water-resistant and provides good warmth and coziness. The rubber sole assures you of a good traction and minimal slippage.

They feel much lighter and also have a bigger opening. This makes wearing and taking them off a less complicated. And to prevent them from leaving the foot, they include an excellent lacing system. The good water resistance minimizes water entry and creating a wet interior. It additionally has a great breathable nature for a non-odorless inside. The boots are lightweight, and using them for lengthy sessions should not be tough.

  • Quick and easy lacing
  • The padding is extra smooth
  • Comes with premium insoles
  • Offers good cushioning and comfort
  • The insole is a little thin

Our Verdict

This is an excellent pair of boots and is readily available in the market. It provides far better comfort and support than most other options. We like the modern look which blends well with different settings. In addition, it is lightweight, and this makes it a great choice for extended wearing. It’s flexible for easy adornment and removal and is likewise sturdy.

#5. Men’s Tachyon Coyote Military & Tactical Boot

Danner Men's Tachyon 8 Inch Coyote Military and Tactical Boot

  • By: Danner

Color: Coyote

Danner Tachyon will make walking or running during tactical sports and events easy. The boots are aimed at male individuals and are very functional. They have a practical style and are also very flexible to suit different requirements. These include tactical, hiking, and hunting. We like the simple nature in addition to the good weight and strength. This makes walking or running in them much easier. The 8-inch arch is pretty okay for most needs and so is the heel.

The sole is made from durable rubber and has a non-slip hold. It’s additionally will not leave discolorations on the floor. The shoe is less susceptible to tearing or warping and also has good water resistance. This keeps the interior as well as the foot dry. The insulation is good and keeps the inside warm especially in cold environments. It’s additionally soft and smooth for extra comfort and has good breathability to minimize sweating.

  • Highly quality built and durable
  • Good looking and versatile
  • Lightweight and easy to put on/ remove
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It’s not 100% waterproof

Our Verdict

This is one of the best tactical boots on the market. It’s simple in format and really versatile. Wearing and removal are easy, and it doesn’t feel too tight or too loose. You nonetheless need to pick the correct size. It has a robust upper, and the sole is equally tough. And since its rubber, it has a good grip on most surfaces. We love the great design and plain color which looks really stylish.

#4. Men Combat Boots For Tactical Military Use

5.11 ATAC Jungle Boots for Men, Combat Boots for Tactical Military Use, style 12001

  • By: 5.11

If you desire the ideal tactical boots, the 5.11 ATAC Jungle boot s are reliable. They offer an excellent option for many individuals and come in a nice military style. We love how the design integrates well with nature. It’s tough but still extremely versatile. Besides, it manages the use, climate, abrasion, and various other things fairly all right. The sole is crafted from rubber to give exceptional hold and to avoid slipping.

The warm and cozy interior keeps the feet comfortable whereas the tough leather and textile upper protects the feet. It’s a relatively light boot, and this makes adornments and removal less complicated. It’s furthermore waterproof and will guarantee the feet are dry in moist situations. The versatile nature allows it to operate all right in many situations.

  • Good support and very comfortable
  • super light and flexible
  • Good design and style
  • Good protection and reliable
  • It’s not very ideal for very cold temperatures

Our Verdict

These boots are tough, lightweight and good looking. They will endure the outdoors well and also last for a long time. They are less prone to tearing, warping, and folding or fading and will maintain their excellent nature for a long time. The boots are water-resistant and ensure the feet are dry. Like other choices, they also gave a smooth and cozy interior lining.

#3. Men’s Breach Tactical Zip Boots

Smith & Wesson Men's Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots

  • By: Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson Beach 2.0 Is a top tactical boot. It’s designed for men and has a simple but nice looking. It has a solid layout that complements the tough materials of construction. The shoe will tolerate harsh operations, the elements and misuse as well. Besides being tough, it also is very flexible. It expands easily and has a wide opening. This makes inserting the foot much easier. It offers excellent protection from knocks, abrasion, impact, and shock.

The interior is smooth and comfortable for maximum ease. It has a nice grip rubber outsole to make sure you do not slide or fall. The boots feel light and are long-lasting. Also, we like the good breathability that keeps the inside and feet dry. It consists of a great lacing system and is likewise waterproof.

  • Tough construction and durable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Good support and cozy interior
  • Slip-resistant rubber
  • The sole isn’t very knobby

Our Verdict

This is a fantastic pair of tactical boots. It’s designed to handle the rough terrains and outdoors but still looks good and lightweight, and won’t weigh you down, particularly when worm for long periods. On top of that, it is water-resistant and likewise really comfy. The unit maintains a firm grip to prevent slipping or falling. It is also easy to clean and dries relatively fast.

#2. Men’s Lightweight Breathable Military Tactical Boots

FREE SOLDIER Men's Work Boots 6-inch Lightweight Breathable Military Tactical


These boots target individuals that love the outdoors. It offers great service for the extreme outdoors and weather condition. The shoes are, however, very basic and also versatile to match various needs and individuals. The larger opening, along with the good flexibility, makes putting on and removing quite easy. It additionally has good breathability and deals with smell and microorganisms well. Besides being suitable for tactical use, it’s also good hiking, trekking, and workboat.

The weight and size are practical just like the weight. When using it for many hours, you won’t experience any fatigue or discomfort. The sole is made from rubber and grips the surfaces well. This assures you of good stability and minimal falling. It’s durable and less likely to tear, crack or warp.

  • Scratch-resistant and durable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Wear-resisting, and water-resistant
  • Breathable and flexible
  • It’s not 100% waterproof

Our Verdict

This is among one of the most reliable boots out there. It’s simple, stylishly and also flexible. It’s made from tough leather which puts up with the use well. It is more resistant to abrasion, tear, and wear compared to most alternatives. It’s top-quality and also retains its goodness and elegant appearance for a long time.

#1. Men’s Tactical Sport Side Zip Industrial Shoe

Bates Men's 8'' Tactical Sport Side Zip Industrial Shoe

  • By: Bates

The Bates tactical boot ought to be what you desire. It’s a terrific choice for lots of people and functions well in the outdoor setting. We love the color which incorporates well with nature as well as the easy wearing and removal. The tough upper and solid engineering offer respectable safety against bangs, knocks, the weather condition and even more. The sole is made from rubber to provide a good hold and is also knobby. This additionally decreases the possibility of slipping especially in wet surfaces. The nice and comfy interior offers good insulation to provide good warmth and also feels smooth and soft on the skin.

It’s a rather light boot and has a bigger opening. This makes getting it on and off less complicated. It’s furthermore has a nice heel and arch for the best support and balance. The breathable nature helps to keep the inside and feet dry. It’s a versatile footwear nd will work okay in other circumstances like hiking, trekking, and hunting.

  • Wide opening and simple wearing
  • Lightweight and nice cushioning
  • String and Durable leather
  • Tough and high-performance nylon
  • The lace isn’t super strong

Our Verdict

You will be pleased with these boots. They are tough, durable and tolerate the outdoors well. Furthermore, they are less vulnerable to tear, warping or splitting up. Also, these boots are also water-resistant to keep the feet dry and likewise avoid bad smell. The inside is smooth and feels very comfortable.


Finding there right tactical boots can be challenging. You may get the wrong size meaning it will fit too tightly or too loosely. It may be the perfect fit but will wear out, rip, or get torn easily. A poor choice may encourage odor to buildup or may not protect the feet. In this review, we have shown you the best tactical boots. They are of high quality, durable, reliable, and also very comfortable. This offers you more assurance in regards to reliability and longevity.

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