Top 8 Best Tennis Ball Machines In 2021 — Review

Are you a tennis player or do you plan to start playing the sport? If yes is your answer to any of these questions, then you’ll need to find yourself one of those best tennis ball machines. As any tennis player or coach will tell you, tennis is a game that requires lots of dedication and practice. This applies to an amateur and a professional too. You need to spend lots of time trying different skills.

Receiving and returning the ball is one of the key techniques you need to master. This is the only way you’ll be able to have the edge over your opponent. While a playing partner is helpful, at times he/she may not be available. This is where a tennis ball machine comes handy. It will play the role of an opponent better. You can select the right option without a problem. Besides tits portable unit that allows you to move easily with it. In this article, we will review the best tennis ball machines in the market.

The Top 8 Best Tennis Ball Machines

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#8. Electric Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports – Phenom Two – Electrically Powered Tennis Ball Machine

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  • By: Lobster Sports

Lobster Sports Phenom Two is a good tennis ball machine. It’s been in the market for some time and is liked by beginners and experienced users too. It has a simple design for easy use. Refilling it with the tennis Balls is also easy. The electrically powered unit has a good range and also is easy to control. It will throw balls at different speeds to suit the need in hand. The slowest speed is 35 mph while the highest is 80mph. The oscillation is good, and this will improve the accuracy. It’s based on revolutionary technology for better results.

It has a feed rate of 2 – 9 seconds and supports backspin, over spin and topspin. The control is very convenient and works greats. Like other good choices, this one also comes with custom programmable drills. This allows the user to set the preferred option easily. It’s a sturdy machine-made from metal. It will handle the use and movement well. The wheels are made of solid rubber and move seamlessly on different surfaces. These include concrete, grass, and dirt and more.

  • Throws the balls relatively well
  • It’s easy to operate and refill with the balls
  • The speed and range is good
  • It’s suitable for beginners and professionals too
  • It’s somewhat bulky compared to some options

Our Verdict

This is a nice tennis ball machine. It has a good capacity and will handle a decent volume of balls. It’s easy to use and rides smoothly on most surfaces. The unit tosses the balls relatively accurately and is also very reliable. Besides, it’s made off tough metal and should handle the operations well.

#7. Rookie Tennis Ball Machine

Match Mate Rookie by Match Mate Tennis Ball Machine

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  • By: Match Mate

This machine will help you work on receiving balls in tennis. It’s a good option, particularly for beginners. We find the weight of just 22 lbs quite appropriate. This makes moving around with it pretty easy. It’s a well-built piece and will endure the use well. It’s made from tough aluminum and won’t come apart easily. Besides, it won’t get rusty or corroded. This is especially important since it will be exposed to the elements.

The Match Mate Rookie machine comes with variable speeds. Selecting the most appropriate isn’t a problem even if it’s your first time using it. The options are well labeled for easier operation. The range or distance is also good for most applications. In addition, it’s a stable machine and doesn’t wobble during use. This helps to ensure the ball is thrown right. The built-in battery will offer as many as 5 hours.

  • Simple design and very easy to operate
  • Well made and very durable
  • The speed and range is decent
  • It’s made from tough materials
  • The unit is compact, lightweight and easy to carry
  • It’s not very ideal for heavy-duty use or professionals

Our Verdict

This is a good machine for beginners and intermediates. It’s small and compact for easy handling and also movement. We like the basic style a simplicity which improves the operation. It throws the balls fairly accurately and also has a good range. Although lightweight, it’s a tough and durable unit.

#6. Elite Tennis Ball Machine With Triple Oscillation

Lobster Sports – Elite Three Tennis Ball Machine – Triple Oscillation….

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  • By: Lobster Sports

Your game of tennis should improve when using this machine. It targets beginners and seasoned players as well. We like the simple style which makes using and adding the tennis balls easy. It’s also tough and built from metal. It will, therefore, handle the use and environmental factors well. The unit can hold very many balls at the same time. This minimizes the time and effort you need to refill it. It gets praise for being a relatively accurate machine.

The balls will follow a good trajectory. Moreover, it has several modes of oscillations. Dual, two-line and triple. The speed is also impressive and should prove useful. Just like ether good picks, it’s very variable. The lowest is set at only 35 mph while the top speed is 80mph. The unit has a dependable battery. The stores charge for 4-8 hours. This should be more than enough to last your training sessions. It’s not very heavy and weighs 42 lbs.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Made from tough and durable materials
  • It’s easy to use and take care of
  • It throws the balls accurately and far
  • You may need to go too low to select the options

Our Verdict

This machine is easy t use. It has a simple design and comes with simple refilling mechanism. The capacity is also large and handles many balls. The controls are well placed and also effective. It will throw the ball in a variety of speeds and distances well. The battery keeps the charge for a long time.

#5. Elite Grand Five LE Tennis Ball Machine

Lobster Sports – Elite Grand Five LE – Battery-Powered Tennis Ball Machine...

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  • By: Lobster Sports

Based on leading technology, this item will offer better results than most other options. It throws much further and is also more accurate. The interval is also very good. The Elite Grand Five LE can hold up to 150 balls at a time. It has a nice reversible hopper for easy addition of the balls. It also prevents them from falling out during use. The good stability keeps it firm and steady. This contributes to good performance. It supports 18 ball locations and also has variable speeds. The feed rate is better than most, and you also get different spin options.

The battery-operated unit can be programmed to suit specific needs. This is very simple and also easy. It has oversized wheels which move more smoothly than the smaller ones. And together with the comfortable handle, you’ll have an easier time. Moreover, the handle folds into a smaller size for convenience.

  • Lightweight, compact and easy to transport
  • Easy moving oversized wheels
  • Foldable and comfortable handle
  • Easy throwing reversible hopper
  • The instructions aren’t very detailed

Our Verdict

This tennis ball machine is well built to handle regular use. It’s strong, durable and handles the operations well. The capacity is very decent and so is the speed and range. Using the machine is not difficult, and it has simple and clear instructions. The wheels move easily, and it also has a nice handle.

#4. Pro Tennis Ball Machine With Wheels

Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine (The Best Model for Easy Use)

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Spinshot Pro is an excellent tennis ball machine. It’s remained in the marketplace for some time and appeals to newbies and skilled individuals also. It has a basic layout for easy use and convenience. Replenishing it with the tennis balls is very easy courtesy of the wider hopper. The battery-powered system has excellent features and is simple to manage. It will throw balls at various rates to match the requirement in hand. The slowest rate is 35 miles per hour while the highest possible is 80mph.

The oscillation is great and this will undoubtedly boost the precision. It’s based upon advanced innovation for much better outcomes and has a decent feed rate. It comes with backspin, over spin and topspin and the control is hassle-free and functions greats. Like various other excellent options, this one also features personalized programmable drills. This permits the player to establish the best option. It’s a tough machine-made from steel and will take care of the use and activity well. The wheels are made from strong rubber and move well on grass, concrete, dirt and other surfaces.

  • Good throwing power and performance
  • It’s very easy to use
  • Replenishing with the balls is easy
  • The distance and speed is good
  • It appropriates for novices and experts
  • It may be a little complex for beginners

Our Verdict

This is a good tennis ball machine. It has an excellent ability and will certainly manage a good quantity of balls. It’s simple to use and moves efficiently on the majority of surface areas. The device throws the balls reasonably precisely and is additionally dependable. Besides, it’s made of hard steel and manages the task well.

#3. Tennis Training Machine Basic Model For Junior Player

Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine Basic Model (Best Model for Junior Player)

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This machine will aid you in receiving balls in tennis. It’s a great option for newbies and intermediates. We like the weight as this makes moving around with it rather easy. It’s a sturdy item and will sustain the use well. It’s made from durable steel and is resistant to corrosion and rust. This helps to uphold n its reliability and appearance despite the environmental factors.

The machine has good range and speed, and choosing the most proper mode isn’t hard even if it’s your very first time using it. The simple nature and well-placed controls are likewise helpful for many applications. Furthermore, it’s a steady machine and does not shake throughout use. This helps to make sure the ball is tossed right. It also throws them in a more accurate matter. The integrated battery will offer many hours of use.

  • Basic layout and really simple to use
  • Well made and extremely resilient
  • High quality and durable
  • The distance and speed is good
  • The system is portable and very easy to carry
  • The top speed isn’t the best in the market

Our Verdict

This is an excellent machine for novices and intermediates. It’s little and portable for very easy handling and use. We like the standard design which boosts the use. It tosses the balls precisely and at decent speeds. Although lightweight, it’s a sturdy device.

#2. Tennis Ball Machine With Phone Remote Support

Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine with Phone Remote Support …

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Your game of tennis will become better if you train with the Spinshot Plus machine. It targets novices and skilled gamers too. The straightforward design makes using it easy. It also has a good hopper for quick addition of the balls. The steel-made unit will manage the use and can hold many balls at the very same time. This lessens the movement and the time required to replenish it. It gets an appreciation for being a fairly precise machine.

It has numerous settings of oscillations, and the speed is excellent. The included remote control is very effective and has a good range. It’s also lightweight and compact. Similar to other great choices, it’s extremely versatile and reliable. The system has a good battery that stores charge for many hours. It’s not a heavy unit, and carrying it is not a problem.

  • Compact and light-weight
  • Made from resilient products
  • It’s very simple and easy to use
  • The design and speed are very practical
  • It’s not a very large unit

Our Verdict

This machine is simple to use and has an easy layout. The capacity is big and manages many balls well. The controls are well-positioned and very efficient. It will toss the balls in a selection of speeds and ranges well. We also like the long-lasting battery.

#1. Anti-Jam Tennis Ball Machine

Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine...

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If you want to improve your game, you should give the Spinshot-Player tennis machine a thought. Based on leading modern technology, this unit will provide much better outcomes than a lot of various other alternatives. The speed and distance are also good, and it works can hold many balls and has a relatively easy to fill receptacle. The velocity and trajectory are also accurate, and it remains consistent throughout.

The good strength adds to great efficiency while the good feed rate is far better than most other options. The battery-operated device can be configured to match specific requirements. This is extremely easy and straight forward. It has large wheels which move more efficiently than the smaller sized ones.

  • This is a solid and well-built machine
  • It’s tough both physically and mechanically
  • The machine doesn’t jam easily
  • It’s more tolerant of debris
  • The battery charger isn’t super powerful

Our Verdict

This tennis ball machine is well developed to deal with routine use. It’s solid, long-lasting and deals with the task well. The ability is extremely suitable, just like the speed and range. Using the machine is uncomplicated, and it has basic and clear guidelines. The wheels move conveniently, and it’s simple to maintain.

The Best Tennis Ball Machine – Buying Guide

To find the right machine for tossing tennis balls, you need to have the right information at your fingertips. This may involve talking to current and previous players and coaches, doing lots of research, and also reading reviews. The above processes do take lots of time. Fortunately, we have narrowed down on the most critical things. And they are as follows:


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The first need you need to look at is the capacity. How many balls can the machine handle? The larger the number, the more balls you’ll have to work with. This means that you’ll spend more time on the court rather than refilling the machine. It nonetheless means that you’ll have a much larger machine which is more challenging to refill and also move around with. You need to strike a balance between the capacity and easy movement.


How far can the machine toss the ball? When playing tennis, there are instances when you’ll need to go very near the net. At other times you’ll be on the farthest edge. It’s therefore important to practice from a near, middle distance and also far. A good machine will support all these options. You can easily adjust the settings to suit your preference. This should happen easily, and the effects will be instant.


In tennis, you should expect balls to come at varying speeds. In one moment, it will be very slow. For instance, when lopping, it very close to the net. In another moment, the ball will come flying as the opponent tries to score. The best machine will support different speeds, slow, medium and high. It also allows you to choose different settings as per your needs. During practice, you need to alternate between the speeds.


You’ll be moving with the machine a lot. This may be from your home to the local tennis court, Or From one court to another. It’s, therefore, important that you pick a machine that is easy to move around with. Several things play a role in all this. First, you have the weight. If it’s too heavy, it will be much harder than a lighter one. Next, you have the size. The bulkier it is, the less portable it will be. The shape and design play a role too. It’s easier to handle a lighter unit that a larger piece. Good choices will have nice handles and smooth-rolling wheels.


One of the difficult things in tennis is dealing with a spinning ball. If you aren’t well versed with the spins, chances are you’ll return it the wrong way, and this gives your opponent a chance to score. Knowing how to spin the ball is always essential. You have different ways of spinning, and each will have its unique benefits. There is an under spin, overlong, side spin and much more. The right machine will support different types of spins. Choosing the preferred options will be easy.


It pays to look at the controls in the machine. You don’t have too few controls that hinder the operations. You also don’t want too many unnecessary features which will most likely affect the operation. What you need is a decent control mechanism. It will be easy to use, and choosing an option will also be easy. The control will be well placed and also very responsive. Some top-end models come with remote control for better operation and convenience.

Material Quality

Moving around wait for the machine expenses it to many negative aspects. It will be bumped and banged against v objects. The surface will be scratched and it will also Experience vibrations when being pulled on rough terrains. A poorly crafted machine will start breaking down sooner rather than later. The sensitive internals may be effective and it will become erratic. Such problems are best avoided by picking a high-quality piece. It will be built tough and made from sturdy materials. Metals are much tougher than plastic, although it may be heavier. A unit with an enclosed shell is more preferred than one with an open design

NB: In addition to the above aspects, consumers look at the design, maintenance ease, and ease of refilling, quality, brand reputation, and price.


A tennis machine is must-have for any serious player. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have been playing the sport for years. The accessory allows you to practice on how to effectively receive the ball. It can handle many balls at the same time. This saves you from too frequent refilling. You can also vary the range/distance, speed, spin, and other things. In this review, we walked you through the best tennis ball machines that are readily available in the market. We went for top brands, reputable machines, and also looked at the ones that enjoy many positive reviews and 5-star ratings. And although they are of very high quality, these machines are also decently priced.

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