Top 9 Best Tennis Shoes For Men You Should Own In 2021

A shoe can either give you an extended or mediocre performance. With a premium one, you get improved performance as you surpass your goals. The tennis is excellent for use for different activities at the tennis court such as walking, jogging, swerving, braking, plus more activities. If you are an aggressive player, it will help you perform helpful tricks without giving out. Let us look at the best tennis shoes for men in 2021.

The Top 9 Best Tennis Shoes For Men

#1. Men’s CMF Training Shoe

K-Swiss Men's ST329 CMF Training Shoe

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  • By: K-Swiss

The above footwear is among the best tennis shoes for men. It offers maximum stability on the tennis court. It came into the market as a training shoe but now used widely by tennis players all around the world. Constructed with longevity in mind, it can withstand hard-knock, sudden-breaks, skids, and even prolonged use on the surface.

It features a premium leather upper that offers enough breathability which is suitable for bold cold and dry months. Also, your feet are free from the additional warmth that cause odors and extreme sweats.

Perform all your tricks, and new tennis sports moves with additional protection. The K-Swiss footwear boasts of a longlasting rubber outsole with a unique tread pattern to enhance stability while increasing traction. You will notice during a tennis match, the players can break, run and even walk with ease because of the quality of the sole. Another feature is an EVA midsole with ideal cushioning and a memory foam footbed to offer maximum comfort. The memory foam is simple to maintain as it conforms to the shape of your foot to give you better use and flexibility.

  • High-quality leather
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Strong collar lining
  • Superior lace closure
  • Lightweight
  • Uncomfortable memory foam

Our Verdict

If you want a shoe that works well on a tennis court, then the K-Swiss is an ideal choice. Featuring a unique tread pattern and durable rubber sole, you get maximum stability. The included memory foam footbed is a nice touch to increase flexibility and comfort. Also, this unit looks good to provide a classic style.

#2. Tennis Shoes For Men

Feetmat Best Tennis Shoes For Men

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  • By: Feetmat

Feetmat makes a variety of products such as boots, sandals, dress shoes, sneakers, tennis shoes, and others. The one above offers the most lightweight performance without damaging or discomforting the foot. It weighs less than one pound, a single shoe that enhances a simple operation and storage.

Boasting of a mesh knit upper, it not only offers maximum breathability but also keeps feet comfortable and dry. This is especially good for a tennis player who needs to make various movements around the tennis court.

Did you know you can lace-up your shoes just once and stays intact until you undo the laces? Yes, you can with this sports accessory which has a superior lace-up system and simple slip-on design to give you a fast putting on. Also, you get your ideal fit to keep you on the move without experiencing any discomfort. Also, its design does not take up too much storage space, giving you a better storage organization.

  • Lovely construction
  • Shock-absorbing elements
  • Multi-operational
  • Soft outsole
  • Anti-slip and lightweight
  • The rubber sole needs more strength

Our Verdict

This shoe is a fashionable athletic accessory for all indoor and outdoor activities such as running, walking, exercising, and other sports activities. With shock-absorbing elements and advanced shoe technology, it adapts to your foot stride with any amount of force exerted on your foot during jogging or running. For additional comfort, it has a soft cushioning that protects you every step you make.

#3. Men’s Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Tennis Shoe

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  • By: Adidas

As among the best tennis shoes for men, these Adidas shoes are excellent for players who love playing aggressively without frequent breaks. It comes with a Torsion system midfoot to provide maximum support with every plunge, break or running you make. You can also run around the court, knowing you have ideal comfort and high-performance footwear. The rubber sole will not disappoint you as you make different tennis moves while you go for the win. Wear them with natural ease as you perfect all the skills gained recently or over the years.

This unit comes with an ADIPRENE under the heel to deliver more stability and extra cushioning. You can use them for an extended time, and when you remove them, you will experience a pain-free foot. In case you have foot problems, it can help alleviate them because of the inside cushioning. Not only does it provide comfort but also a snug-fit to enhance your performance on the court.

  • Simple to remove the insole
  • Lightweight
  • Easy maintenance
  • Athletic-friendly design
  • Superior cushioning
  • Needs more cushioning

Our Verdict

Adidas rarely disappoint when making their line of shoes. The one above offers maximum support on the court for improving performance. Featuring a beautiful finish, it allows you to wipe using a damp cloth to attain a clean look while maximizing its durability. The three stripes add a sense of authenticity and sports culture as you wear them with natural ease.

#4. Men Running Shoes Trail Sneakers Tennis Sports

KUBUA Mens Running Shoes Trail Fashion Sneakers Tennis Sports

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  • By: New Balance

What will make your experience on the court more improved and exciting? The above shoes from New Balance with a unique construction. The shaft is strong enough to offer maximum support for all sports activities without experiencing any discomfort. With a dual-density collar, it has better padding that is soft on the skin and at the same time providing maximum comfort. Moreover, the insole is molded to adapt to your foot for maximum flexibility.

It is easy to use, clean and maintains because of its lightweight structure. For best results, remove the excess debris or dirt build-up using a brush. The soles are usually the most affected parts, so clean them thoroughly to achieve a good appearance.

Then unlace them and add a towel in the washing machine that acts as scrubbers to remove squeaking amount in the cleaner. Wash using the warm cycle because the hot cycle ruins the glue/ seal holding shoe insoles. Stuff and squeeze then airdry.

  • Injected molded sole
  • Durable internal shank
  • Easy to wear
  • Casual design
  • Soft collar foam
  • Sizing irregularities

Our Verdict

The KUBUA shoe is perfect for both mild and aggressive use by budding and professional tennis players. It has a robust fabric construction that allows simple cleaning. Also, the PU insert offers maximum stability and a stable footbed position. You can run around the court with comfort and ease with the high-quality rubber sole.

#5. Men Lightweight Tennis Walking Shoes Sport

MEHOTO Mens Fashion Lightweight Tennis Walking Shoes Sport

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  • By: MEHOTO

The shoes above from Mehoto implement a unique air-cushion design that provides optimal support and cushioning for the entire feet. This functionality lets high-adrenaline players to use them while performing different tricks and moves on the court with the best precision.

Thanks to an ergonomic sole, you get excellent traction in each stride, run or step to improve performance. The problems and fear of sliding and falling during a competitive match are eliminated because of the included interior style with additional padding using high-density foam enhance protection and comfort.

Its versatility allows use for different actions such as sports, running, exercise, travel, workout, and any occasion. Match it with one of your favorite clothes including denim wear, sweat pants, shorts to look more stylish as you move around with added confidence. A notable feature is that the construction has a cloth-like fabric which is soft on the skin and simple to maintain.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Soft cushioning
  • Inexpensive
  • Small

Our Verdict

Looking for a shoe that does more than casual walking? You have found it. The Mehoto allows comfortable walking, running, travel, sports, exercise and also workout. A person who loves working out in the gym can wear this pair to have more freedom and concentration in the performance. With a mesh fabric, it provides maximum breathability while keeping your feet cool, no matter the season.

#6. Men’s mc806 Tennis Shoe

New Balance Men's mc806 Tennis Shoe

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  • By: New Balance

New Balance designs quality footwear to help budding and professional athletes to improve their performance as they achieve the set goals. With the above product, it has a design to fir an image and purpose with its innovative construction. The white color looks good while adding a fashionista element to your overall look.

Also, maintaining it is so simple to enhance convenience. Do not worry about sliding and falling on the court during a tennis match or training. The rubber soles are well-made to offer enough traction for improved stability.

This footwear for man has a reinforced toe with perforated toe box plus a side panel to ensure your toes have the safest atmosphere to rest and wiggle. By the end of a match or training, your feet will have zero pains or fatigues typically brought by inferior quality shoes. The included lace-up system ensures the laces are locked-in to give you maximum comfort and your suitable fit.

  • Superior lacing system
  • Soft on the skin
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Increased traction
  • Improved lateral motion
  • Stiff soles

Our Verdict

Take your level higher on the court with these shoes. It has non-slip soles that offer an excellent grip for the most slippery terrains while maximizing performance. The cushioning is almost as soft as pillows but at the same time firm enough to provide adequate support. Also, the lining is well-made. It acts as a protective element to keep you on the move without any hitches.

#7. Men’s Approach Tennis Shoe

adidas Men's Approach Tennis Shoe

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  • By: Adidas

These men’s tennis shoes deliver a premium level of performance suitable for professionals. With a seamless upper, it flexes effortlessly with your foot to offer a snug fit.

Also, this item has a chassis that creates higher stability and support in the midfoot to provide extra flexibility and freedom in the forefoot. With a firm and robust under the heel cushioning, you get better comfort and tender service. No more worries about pains and fatigue after a long game.

The sole is made with rubber which is more sturdy and longlasting than other materials. It can withstand the pressure caused by the harshest weather conditions and also wet terrains. Wear them with peace of mind, not minding about the atmospheric conditions.

Another feature is the soft synthetic upper made to improve breathability and ensure you have ultimate comfort. Besides, your feet will stay dry, alleviating you from problems caused by humid temperatures such as odors and also bacterial infections.

  • Longlasting rubber sole
  • Excellent grip
  • Improved breathability
  • All-day comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Not stylish

Our Verdict

You do not have to spend tons of money to get a suitable tennis shoe. The one above from Adidas offers maximum flexibility and stability during mild and intense games. Made of premium synthetic upper offers enough breathability and an odor-free performance. Also, it has a lightweight design to promote easy use and maintenance.

#8. Men’s Barricade Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Barricade Tennis Shoe

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  • By: Adidas

The above Adidas shoes are great for offering maximum flexibility, especially in sports activities. Measuring 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches, it fits well in a foot without causing too much tightness. Some footwear has thick padding that prevents toe-wiggling and free movement.

The heavy-duty rubber sole not only looks good but delivers maximum stability. It has elements of superior traction which is ideal in walking, running and also instant braking. A player can use these shoes to improve the performance and also achieve the goals.

Incorporating a seamless forged mesh upper style with stretch and support areas, it ensures you have a custom-fit that conforms to every step. Another thing is a bootie construction and a well-padded tongue that is soft on the skin and still provides enough comfort all day long. You can maintain the forefoot efficiency and propulsion with the Adiprene forefoot technology.

  • Anatomical comfort and fit
  • Maximum support
  • Enhanced stability
  • Under heel comfort
  • Flexible and durable
  • Tight

Our Verdict

This Adidas men’s footwear offers maximum flexibility and stability on the tennis court and other places. Featuring a Geofit construction provides an anatomical comfort and fit. The Ghillie lacing system delivers a locked-down fit to keep you stable and high-performing. A unique functionality is an Adituff component that wraps around the medial forefoot and toe to protect against foot fatigues and drags caused during volleys, serves and high lateral movements.

#9. Men’s Athletic Walking Blade Running Tennis Shoes

UMYOGO Men's Athletic Walking Blade Running Tennis Shoes

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  • By: Umyogo

UMYOGO athletic shoes give you maximum stability on a tennis court. It has a rubber sole that has high-density durability to extend the usage time. Besides, this unit has a knit upper fabric that lets your feet breathe better, unlike other materials. You get to walk or run, knowing you have a protective cushioning in every step. An added advantage is a fresh finish that looks good in any environment such as a gym, outdoors and also a tennis court.

Made of rubber material, the sole offers a higher durability than other fabrics. It prolongs the time for wear and tear to give you maximum performance. This product has a flexible blade at the soles that provide maximum flexibility to allows simple shoe bending during sports.

Some units in the market are too stiff which hinders smooth movability when walking, running, braking and even jogging. Its versatile construction is perfect for walking, traveling, training, jogging and other light sports.

  • Super comfortable
  • Non-slip
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High flexibility
  • Breathable
  • Needs more cushioning

Our Verdict

Finding the right shoe can be a hassle if you lack the necessary information. The Umyogo footwear for men is suitable for use at the tennis court. Boasting of a knit upper, it lets your feet breathe when walking or running. Also, this accessory has a soft cushioning to provide maximum comfort and fatigue-free service.

Tips For Choosing The Best Tennis Shoes For Men

Choosing the ideal tennis footwear choose, you need to do proper research. Most players prefer the lightweight ones over the large ones. The main reason is that they free the foot from fatigue and also more comfortable to use. Some factors like color are not a deal-breaker to most people, unlike the performance. We have the top things for you to consider when buying tennis shoes.

Shoe Size Conversion

Did you know your foot is three-dimensional? When you measure it with a 2D tool, like a ruler, you only get approximations of your accurate shoe size. Also, manufacturers use different materials and technology when constructing shoes, making varying sizes from different brands. Ensure you stand upright when measuring your exact size wearing the inserts, stockings, or socks you will use with the new shoes. Plus, typically, there are sizing charts in US or Euro measurements to give the user a better idea of the size and ideal fitting.

Playing Style

How do you play in the courts? Are you a serve-and-volley old school player? Do you love playing at the baseline? The playing style you incorporate in tennis sports is essential to determine the suitable shoes. Baseline players should lookout for a durable sole with strong lateral support because of the constant side-to-side movements. Also, an excellent cushioning to help prevents aches and strains of the feet. For someone who frequently charges the net after serving, select footwear with a premium toecap with increased flexibility.

Foot Type

A foot has a specific type. As you get to wear different shoes, the better you will understand how your is and its operation. Check out for the features that will help improve your performance in the tennis court. If you know you have wide feet, do not buy a tight-fitting one because it looks stylish. Or for one with subtle detailing or lower price. The better comfort, the better your performance. Let us look at the three main types of the foot to give you a better way to know yours.


People with pronated feet will notice more considerable shoe degradation on the inside, generally near the feet balls. For instance, you step in a wet place with bare feet, you leave a print on the surface. This will help you see the whole foot impression with little to zero visible space. If you fall into this category, go for something with maximum lateral support to avoid knee and ankle injuries.


The last category is the supinated foot type. Check to see if the footwear is worn down on the outside of the forefoot and heel. If you notice this, then you fall under the supinated foot type. Perform the wet field test, and you will see an ample space in the middle of the arch area. A player should buy a shoe that delivers excellent shock absorption and flexibility with additional heel space.


Look at the mark left after performing the wet field test. If you notice a balance mark on the surface and also neutral shoe wear, you are in this category. This type is ideal for most tennis footwear without any adjustments.


Many brands produce great shoes such as Nike, Adidas, Diadora, New Balance, Reebok, Asics, Babolat, and more. The more the brands in the market, the more the varieties of shoes with similar and varying features. Some even incorporate cutting-edge technology that offers better performance and durability than the others. Also, a band may focus on aesthetics and how the user will feel when wearing footwear. For a tennis player, performance should be a top priority. This does not mean that you should purchase unappealing shoes. Always check the functionalities that fit and surpass your needs for the tennis court to improve your performance while enhancing the skills.


Check out the products on our list to find the best tennis shoes for men currently in the market. Take your time and read this review to see high-performing tennis shoes. Some of the benefits they come with include durability, ease of use, improved traction and flexibility, affordability and more. You can use them to serve your opponent with maximum speed, flexibility, and accuracy. This footwear also looks stylish, making your appearance at a match event more appealing.

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