10 Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners Of 2020

If you are looking for the best toilet bowl cleaners, then you are on the right article. You can have an inexpensive cleaning solution that offers a compelling performance. Toilet bowl cleaners help to remove rust, dirt, bacteria, and also viruses generally found in loos. This solution comes in the form of a solution or a capsule design to give you a simple operation. Some products even have a pleasant fragrance that is non-irritant. In this review, we feature the best toilet bowl cleaners in 2020.

The Top 10 Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners

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#10. Refillable Toilet Cleaning System

Church And Dwight Kaboom Toilet Cleaning System

  • By: Kaboom

Most automatic toilet bowl cleaners on the market give off strong chlorine fumes which most users don’t like. The Kaboom does the opposite by offering a clean-smelling atmosphere after each use. With a powerful formulation, it eliminates black mold that appears inside a water line without the need of constant scrubbing. A pack includes a single cartridge that lasts up to 3 months.

For the pricing, it is quite affordable with a cost of around 21 dollars. Thanks to a modern design, it gives you a simple installation that takes a few minutes. Make sure you clean the toilet bowl and then install this Kaboom system that gives you a prolonged operation.

Its automatic cleaning formulation keeps the toilet clean, and you can use a bathroom brush once or twice a month for a more effective and sparkling look. Each flush, you will have proper disinfectant and deodorizing performance.

  • Lightweight
  • Tool-less setup
  • Longlasting
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Smells of chlorine

Our Verdict

If you want a sparkling clean toilet bowl or septic tank that does not require constant scrubbing and disinfecting, then make use of the Kaboom system. It allows a tool-less setup within minutes, and one cartridge can last up to 3 months. With a unique structure, it snaps in a tank in a flash. With a weight of 6.4 ounces, it is almost weightless and enhances a simple operation.

#9. Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Pack

ZEP Acidic 32-Ounce Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 2-Pack

  • By: Zep Commercial

We understand there are toilet bowl cleaners that cost too much, but their performance is below average. The above product from Zep Commercial is suitable for removing harsh odors caused by numerous bathroom use without proper cleaning.

It comes in a 2-pack at the cost of one, making it a pocket-friendly item. Multiple people can use the loo, and still, the surface remains sparkling clean after each operation because of a dominant 10% acid gel formulation. Also, it tackles even the stubborn stains much more comfortable than the other solutions on the market.

The above product quickly removes rust, eliminates hard water residue, and dissolves organic stains from toilets and urinals. Not only does this leave you with a clean-looking but also a fresh-smelling atmosphere. The squirt top is made with convenience in mind. It dispenses the ideal amount of liquid all around and under the rim. Some bottles have a poor cap structure that makes it hard to reach the trickiest toilet bowl areas.

  • Affordable
  • Eliminates organic water stains
  • Removes tough residues
  • Super clinging solution
  • Offers a minty-pine scent
  • Not strong enough

Our Verdict

This item is simple to use and removes terrible odors to leave you with a clean-smelling atmosphere. It offers a wintergreen scent that removes harsh odors normally caused by other cleansers. Made of a thick consistency, it steadily adheres to vertical surfaces for better coverage to enhance a germ-free environment.

#8. Green Works Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Green Works Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 96 Ounces

  • By: Clorox

Some toilet cleaners are made with harsh solutions that cause harm to the bowl surface and also to the environment. The Green Works solution by Clorox offers a safe use to you and the atmosphere. It is made with naturally-derived ingredients that remove even the toughest stains that have been building up for a long time. This results in a sparkling clean bowl that looks good in any bathroom setting. To achieve a powerful clean, dispense a few amounts of the liquid all around the bowl, wait for a minimum of 10 minutes, brush and then flush.

Featuring a thick bleach-free gel, it coats the bowl much easier as compared to the thin consistencies to leave a clean-smelling atmosphere. Use the angled nozzle to reach under the rim of the owl to kill bacteria and germs that generally hide in this area. The above product is safe to use on septic tanks without bleaching or discoloring the surface.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Bleach-free
  • Nice gift
  • Removes tough stains
  • Provides a nice smell
  • Poor packaging

Our Verdict

Green toilet bowl cleaner is safe for the environment while removing mineral deposits, hard water stains, and also rust. This is especially good for those stains that are tough to eliminate using just water and soap detergent. With a safe formulation, it lacks any harsh chemicals to clean the bowl without leaving behind any residue. Its design is simple to operate with an angled nozzle that covers all areas of the container.

#7. Lab The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Home Care Lab The Works 32-Ounce Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • By: Home Care

Home Care does not disappoint with the many products they have in the market. The above cleaning solution is suitable for cleaning toilet bowls around the households and even septic tanks. It weighs around 32 ounces, to give you an extended performance because a small solution is all that is needed for one clean. Another thing is the cap design that locks safely to prevents any spills, especially during movement.

With a compact structure, it is simple to use and takes up minimal storage space. Just add it to your other bathroom cleaning solutions for organized and easy access. This item boasts of active ingredients such as hydrochloric acid, perfumes, and even Rodine. It eliminates stains and kills most of the household bacteria to leave a clean-looking and good-smelling bathroom. Its powerful formula easily removes rust, hard water, and limescale elements to enhance a hygienic bathroom environment.

  • Removes Rust
  • Eliminates hard water stains
  • Simple operation
  • Made of active ingredients
  • Clears limescale build-up
  • Thin solution

Our Verdict

Are you looking for a cleaning solution that offers more than a single service? You have found it. The Home Care toilet bowl cleaner eliminates stubborn stains and also removes limescale and hard water stains. This gives you a clean-looking bowl while leaving behind a pleasant fragrance. Use it as frequently as you want because a small solution goes a long way.

#6. Powerful Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Seventh Generation 32-Ounce Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • By: Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is a company known by the masses because of its high-performing cleaning solutions. The above product has a beautiful design that gives you an easy to handle without the worry of slips or falls.

You can use it even in the wettest place or hands more comfortably because of its excellent grip. The cap is simple to open and closes while reducing the problems of leaks to give you an extended service. With a plant-based formula, it easily tackles the most hardened stains more quickly and effectively.

You can use this item with confidence because it lacks any synthetic fragrances, ammonia, dyes, or chlorine to deliver a user-friendly service. In case it comes in contact with the floor surface, there are no discolorations usually caused by bleaching elements. This cleaning solution is not only USDA certifies but biodegradable guaranteeing a safe, eco-friendly use. The flip cap design gives you a simple coating to your toilet bowl to kill germs and bacteria all around the container bowl.

  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Attacks stubborn stains
  • Made from botanical extracts
  • Eco-friendly formulation
  • Needs scrubbing

Our Verdict

This cleaner freshens and cleans your toilet bowl without creating harsh elements or fumes. With a biodegradable formula, it makes it safe for septic tank cleaning without damaging the surface. Besides, this item has a flip cap for smooth coating around the bowl for maximum effectiveness. Squirt enough liquid under the toilet bowl rim and brush off the dirt, grime, bacterial then flush.

#5. Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets

Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablets

  • By: Clorox

The many formulations from liquids, to powder, there are also tablets. The Clorox bowl cleaner tablets are easy to use because each pill sanitizes your toilet bowl water for 5 minutes in 2 months. The cleaning solutions that leave a residue after cleaning leave an unappealing visual. This unit cleans continuously using bleach to disinfect your bathroom for up to 3 months, leaving a fresh scent. No more embarrassments of odor left behind after each toilet use.

The process of using up to achieving a sparkling clean toilet bowl is quite easy. Drop a single tablet into the tank to help flush and bleach away any grime to help reduce the time between deep cleaning. When the pill dissolves, you need to replace it with another one.

The ingredients are so safe which do not harm the septic tanks. Additionally, it has a potent formulation that prevents the build-up of tough stains such as mineral stains and hard water to add more convenience in use and results.

  • Cleans and deodorizes
  • Kills household bacteria
  • Sanitizes the toilet bowl
  • Prevents lime scale build-up
  • Easy to use
  • Has a strong bleach smell

Our Verdict

The Clorox cleaning tablets deodorize and clean your toilet bowl. It kills most of the household bacteria while sanitizing the whole area. The pills are easy to use, and one goes a long way, giving you value for your money. Also, its formulation sanitizes while at the same time killing 99.9% of household germs and bacteria to deliver a sparklingly clean look.

#4. Antibacterial Spearmint Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Method Antibacterial Spearmint Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • By: Method

This product uses a Powergreen technology that has more strength to deliver a clean punch without eliminating harmful toxins to the environment. Not only is this safe for you but also to the atmosphere making it an eco-friendly formulation. Even after leaving the shower, the corn-starch and lactic-acid are busy preventing lime deposits and soap scum. It uses biodegradable ingredients that degrade into benign elements to the environment for eco-friendly operation.

Method cleaning solution is made with safety and quality in mind, and that’s why the ingredients have been evaluated by trusted research bodies to offer a planet and people safety. This lets you use it with confidence, knowing you are fully protected from harsh chemicals that harm the skin.

There is no need to throw away the bottle after use because it is 100% recyclable. You can clean it and buy a refill solution and continue enjoying its benefits. Also, its recyclable nature reduces waste while conserving the useful resources to reduce carbon footprint into the atmosphere.

  • Antibacterial
  • Purge dirt and germs
  • Cost-effective
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable formulas
  • Does not remove hard stains

Our Verdict

Toxins and germs are not welcomed in your house, especially in the toilet. Thankfully, the Method toilet bowl cleaner quickly disinfects using citric acid to kill bacteria, viruses, and dirt. After use and brushing then flushing, what is left behind is a clear reflection and surface at the bottom of the toilet bowl. The above items use a Powergreen technology that easily cuts grime and grime, leaving your toilet bowl smelling and looking clean.

#3. Toilet Bowl Cleaner For Removing Rust

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner For Removing Rust

  • By: Lysol

What if we tell you a toilet cleaner eliminates not only bacteria, odor, and viruses, but also rust? The above product is specially designed to remove the rust build-up on the toilet bowl much better as compared to the rest. It quickly gets rid of the toughest hard water stains to leave the bowl, looking clean and smelling fresh. Additionally, it has a solid solution that coats your bowl to provide a more prolonged contact that helps to eliminate mineral deposits and rust stains.

This solution is simple to use without direct contact with the bowl. With an angled sprout, it targets all the hard to reach places, especially under the toilet bowl rim. For best results, squeeze to dispense a small amount of liquid as you move around the bowl in all areas. This process coats the whole surface and wait for a minimum of 10 minutes for effect to be more productive. Then finish by brushing the bowl and flush.

  • Removes Rust
  • Leaves a fresh scent
  • Improves the bowl appearance
  • Nice design
  • Simple directions
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

The Lysol cleaner easily removes stubborn stains and also rust build-up. It kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses to guarantee thorough disinfection. The formulation is suitable for even septic and plumbing tanks while cleaning and disinfecting above and below the included water line.

#2. Toilet Bowl Cleaner With Hydrogen Peroxide

Lysol Bleach 44-Ounce Toilet Bowl Cleaner With Hydrogen Peroxide

  • By: Lysol

Lysol offers an excellent cling to the toilet bowl because of its thick consistency. It uses hydrogen peroxide to aid in dissolving both the mild and toughest stains. Boasting of a powerful formulation quickly eliminates thousands of micro-bubbles that remove stains.

All the limescale build-up in your toilet bowl is not a match with this scale remover solution because it cuts through them without using harsh bleach. Some cleaning solutions have bleach in them which in the long run cause damage to the toilet bowl surface.

After use, it does not leave behind any chemical residues but a clean-smelling scent. Some units in the market are very watery, which forces the user to use more than it is required because it does not cling easily to the toilet bowl. With the Lysol, it has a thick consistency which readily sticks to the container to not only brighten but disinfect, leaving an appealing look.

  • Easily deodorizes
  • Fast cleaning
  • Simple to use
  • Disinfects
  • Bleach-proof
  • Needs a bit of scrubbing

Our Verdict

Do you want a toilet bowl cleaner that easily clings to the bowl? Then the Lysol is the right choice because of its reliable solution that adheres to every part of the container. Featuring an angled-design, helps you reach the trickiest places around the bowl. Besides, it has a safe formulation that quickly deodorizes, disinfects, and leaves a clean-smelling bowl after every use.

#1. Clean & Fresh Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Lysol Clean & Fresh Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • By: Lysol

The stains usually caused by calcium build-up, mineral deposits, and other elements in the toilet bowl make the whole unit look unappealing. Some people go to the extent of changing the entire toilet system, which costs quite a lot. The above toilet bowl cleaner is excellent for removing all the stubborn stains without using too much elbow grease. Pour all around the bowl the recommended amount, wait for a few minutes, scrub using a toilet brush and wait and see the toughest stains removed.

This product has an angled bottle design, to make sure you reach the trickiest places of the bowl, including the edges to leave it smelling of a country-like scent. With a weight of around 24 ounces, it is effortless to handle. Even a little amount goes a long way making it cost-effective.

There is no need to buy expensive cleaning solutions that do not deliver the expected results when you have Lysol cleaning formula. The thick solution adheres to your toilet bowl for optimal results while disinfecting and deodorizing at the same time.

  • Leaves a fresh scent
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Removes stains
  • Eliminates calcium build-up
  • Minimal instructions

Our Verdict

Throw away those expensive and non-performing toilet bowl cleaning that wastes your money instead of giving back the expected results. The Lysol looks good and removes all stubborn stains that have been building up for some time. Also, it disinfects and eliminated 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Its formulation leaves a country-like smell that is pleasant to the nose.

Buying Guide For The Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Toilet-bowl cleaners come in various shapes and sizes, and a person looking for the ideal one can get quite hectic. From brushes, scrubs, solutions, and even powder cleaning solution. We have researched the top factors based on ease of use, time for effect, price, and also efficiency. They are as follows:

Type Of Toilet Cleaner

There is no reason to hold your nose or cringe when scrubbing down the toilet bowl. Go for a product that has a non-irritant smell to make the cleaning much more comfortable. For most, they have either a tablet design or a liquid consistency. If you prefer one that comes with automatic cleaning, there are quite many. They use a technology that lets you do one or two scrubbings per month while still allowing the toilet bowl to remain sparkling clean. Besides, check out the ingredients that do not release harmful fumes into the air and cause damage to eyes, skins, and other places.

Ease of Use

Another thing to look out for is the operation. Does it have an angled cap? Are the edges too smooth to hold comfortably? Is it lightweight or bulky? A bottle design must have a nice cap that easily dispenses liquid without wasting or getting stuck. Most toilet cleaners have an angled cap design that guarantees just enough solution is used to offer a long-lasting service. Another thing is to find out how the plastic is made to know if it is recyclable. This will help in the process of refills and also offer an eco-friendly service.


Lastly, read carefully the ingredients that make the whole formulation. Some cleaning solutions have harmful elements that not only cause harm to the user but to the atmosphere. Others even incorporate bleach, which typically damages a toilet bowl surface after extended use. You can read the previous reviews by previous customers to get a more informed detail.


Check the products above, to make a correct decision on the best toilet bowl cleaners currently on the market. You can keep your bathroom smelling clean without spending too much money. One way to find a cleaning solution that fits your needs is by reading through this review. Also, you can check out the numerous features that each product has to know if they are eco-friendly.

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