The 11 Best Travel Alarm Clocks Of All Time

An alarm clock can help you have an organized lifestyle for you and your family. It usually has a compact structure that ensures simple placement in different areas such as a table, desk, bedside, nightstand, and other areas for easy access. Also, some can show the alarm time, date, temperature, and more functionalities to add more convenience to your lifestyle. In this review, we look at the best travel alarm clock in 2020.

The Top 11 Best Travel Alarm Clocks

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#11. Mini Battery Operated Alarm Clock

Reacher Mini Battery Operated Alarm Clock


First in our list of the best travel alarm clocks, we have this product from REACHER. Its versatility lets you set up with ease at different places, including a desk, shelf, nightstand, table, or at the bedside. Featuring a lovely mint green color, it adds color to its surroundings. At the same time, it complements the existing decor such as bedding, curtains, devices, and much more. It comes in easy to use on/off button that makes sure the battery does not drain fast because of the backlight. You can switch off during travels to improve its lifespan.

This device has a bright LDC screen with 5-second on-demand lighting appropriate for nighttime viewing. Not only to help people with vision problems but also gives more easy use in low-lit bedrooms. Another thing is a compact design measuring 4.1x 2.4x 1.4 inches, to fit perfectly in a handbag or small carry bag for travels and added convenience.

  • Easy to setup
  • Versatile placements
  • Clear display
  • Compact structure
  • Quality material
  • You cannot dim the brightness

Our Verdict

You can use the above alarm clock that has maximum flexibility on the placement you set up, such as bedside, table, or desk. The four-step ascending design ensures you wake up gentler than the traditional alarm clocks. It starts with a gentle beeping sound and increases as time goes on for you to wake up on time.

#10. Compact Travel Alarm Clock

QIANXIANG Travel Alarm Clock


A compact clock does not necessarily mean the numbers should be unreadable. The main reason for this problem is the inferior quality ink used during production. With this item, it has a big display time with big, bold numbers to give you easier reading time, especially for older people. Thanks to a user-friendly and energy-saving construction, it gives you a smooth operation to choose your preferred settings. Even if you have kids in your household, relax as they set their alarm time.

Powered by high capacity battery, you can use this gadget for an extended time without the need for replacements. Also, if you are in a place with a limited power source or outdoor travels, it comes in handy to help you organize your day more efficiently. The unique light intensity functionality, lets you adjust by sliding the light at the back for the lighting to become dimmer or brighter.

  • Lovely color
  • Quality material
  • User-friendly design
  • Large display
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • The print fades after some time

Our Verdict

The above alarm clock has a big display to ensure readability is natural without squinting even at night. It is simple to operate, and you can press the snooze dials to repeat the alarm sound every 5 minutes. With the digital and robust design, it is perfect for heavy sleepers, kids, elderly, home, and travels.

#9. Ultra Small Battery Travel Alarm Clock

Peakeep Ultra Small, Battery Travel Alarm Clock

  • By: Peakeep

You can carry the Peakeep alarm clock for all your planned and impromptu trips comfortably with the above unit. It measures 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ x 1 ¼ inches making it an ultra-small item that delivers a lightweight. The innovative ascending four-beep level alarm volume increases in intervals until you press the turn off or snooze button. You no longer have to get shocked or irritated by high-pitched alarm sounds that can cause distress to the elderly and even kids in your household.

This equipment is run by a single AA battery that moves the minute and hour hands with ease as well as lighting up the display. The second hand rotates without causing a ticking sound to guarantee a noise-free sleeping environment for restless sleepers. Weighing 2 oz and a compact style, it is easy to lift and carry for travels, plus fit into a suitcase or pocket comfortably. The square features make it stands out from the rest together with a lovely finish. It fits easily into a briefcase, even your pocket during your journey.

  • No-ticking
  • Easy Reach
  • Ultra-small
  • Stable and durable
  • Lightweight
  • The hour and minute hand’s readability needs improvement

#8. Small Battery Operated Analog Alarm Clock

Tinload Small Battery Operated Analog Alarm Clock

  • By: Tinload

There are so many reasons why we consider this as one of the best travel alarm clocks. First of all, we love this clock’s black and polished look to give you easy maintenance. Wipe off with a dry cloth for minimum dust or use a damp towel for prolonged buildup. It is compact and weighs 3.5 ounces to ensure simple portability and storage in different places such as a bag, pocket, and suitcase. The use of a single battery to operate it is a nice touch, especially for people living in places with power outage issues.

Snooze and Light Function– Snooze and light dials at the top give you easy locate after the alarm goes off in the morning. Hold down for 5 minutes to light up or snooze the clock to see the dial in the darkness. Plus, the Gentle Wake function comes in handy to wake you up in a more advanced way. The beeping starts low, then rises gradually.

  • Multipurpose
  • Affordable
  • Reliable and strong
  • Silent operation
  • Longlasting
  • You have to press the button to light up the display

Our Verdict

The Tiniload offers a simple cleaning because of its bold black finish. You d no need to use expensive cleaning solutions that are pricey and might damage the surface. Also, it is easy to operate and set the alarm time, even for the elderly and kids.

#7. Mini Travel Alarm Clock

Marathon CL030065BL-WH2 Mini Travel Alarm Clock

  • By: Marathon

You can never go wrong with Marathon products, including the clock. It has a white finish to help add brightens in its surroundings. The silent, smooth sweep is an excellent addition to ensure no ticking no=sounds affect your sleep. You can use it next to your bed and fail to notice its presence.

Thanks to an auto-night light, it delivers an ambient illumination in your bedroom. It has an inbuilt sensor that triggers a warm glow that lights up the dial when setting in low-lit areas. Moreover, it is easy to set the time by using an on/off button plus snooze buttons. Measuring is 2.7 inches wide. It takes a minimal desk or table space and at the same time ensures easy access to the buttons.

  • Lightweight
  • Ideal gift
  • Beautiful white finish
  • Easy to set
  • Affordable
  • Design needs improvement

Our Verdict

The above unit offers silent and lively operation. Boasting of modern technology you will hear zero ticking sounds. The white color looks good with most decor from bedding, curtain, toys an also travel gear.

#6. Small Analog Travel Alarm Clock

Peakeep Small Analog Travel Alarm Clock

  • By: Peakeep

With a small square design, this clock measures 3 1/4 x 3 1/4 x 1 5/8 inches and weighs 3.5 oz to give you smooth portability and placement. Operated by a single AA battery, it takes up minimal space to fit comfortably on a table, desk, nightstand, and shelf in your bedroom. Speaking on the bedroom, you have the confidence to wake up on time as you enjoy an anxious-free night’s sleep.

A bonus functionality is a classic beeping sound designed to ascend in four stages for a gentler waking. First, it starts slow, increases volume up to the fourth level, which is quicker that lasts for about one hour until you press the stop/suspend button. No more annoying ticking sounds caused by most clock designs. The superior quartz movement eliminates this tick-tock sound and also shows accurate time. Additionally, the separate arm switch with a simple tuning knob and a clock time are additional components to ensure a comfortable setting and operation.

  • Lightweight
  • Battery-operated
  • Minimum storage use
  • 4-stage sound levels
  • Non-ticking
  • No manual

Our Verdict

The above gadget offers attractive and straightforward use. It has a square design and a black finish to improve the bedroom’s style naturally. This structure is compact to fit in most limited spaces as you place on a desk, shelf, table, nightstand, and other places.

#5. Compact Travel Alarm Clock

Marathon CL030058BK Travel Alarm Clock

  • By: Marathon

Marathon company has multiple types and sizes of clocks that offer a reliable service. The one above displays not only the date but also temperature can know your room’s high and low conditions without using a thermometer hence saves you time and money. Another feature is a lovely black finish that ensures simple maintenance and cleaning. Use a soft damp cloth to eliminate dust buildup or a dry towel for minimal debris.

Operating this gadget is simple enough even for kids and the elderly. It has large main buttons that ensure quick and natural access during function selection. Hold the red alarm dial at the top for approximately 3 seconds to activate as you set the alarm time. This item is pretty compact and lightweight with a size of 3.1 x 1 x 3 inches to enhance simple portability and minimal storage use. Place by your bedside table for additional stability.

  • Multiple languages
  • Cool blue light
  • 5-second illumination
  • Easy to set
  • Compact
  • The numbers are a bit dull

Our Verdict

If you want an alarm clock that shows the temperature levels plus time, the above one from Marathon company is an excellent choice. The settings are pre-programmed in 7 languages, including English, Dutch, French, and many more to suit every user’s needs.

#4. Decent Alarm Clock Radio

DreamSky Decent Alarm Clock Radio

  • By: DreamSky

DreamSky clock has a modern technology featuring a radio that adds convenience for a restful night sleeping. The restriction on listening to a repetitive alarm sound is a thing of the past. This device lets you wake up to a radio sound or just a buzzer that meets your preference. Most constructions lack an inbuilt FM radio making this one more convenient. The alarm volume is adjustable to suit your needs as well as the radio between 1-15 level. Don’t worry if the alarm sound stability at first then increases within 5 seconds. Plus, the 8-minute interval for the snooze repeats in one hour until you turn it off.

Powered by a battery backup, you can plug in a wall outlet to load the clock radio using the provided DC adapter. The cable length is around 76 inches, which is long enough to connect to an outlet up to the table you placed the clock. In case of power failures, you can use three AAA batteries to keep you on track with your daily events.

  • Temperature Display
  • Adjustable alarm sound
  • Elegant design
  • USB charging
  • FM radio compatibility
  • The lettering is too small

Our Verdict

The above clock is among the top units that have modern features such as a digital FM radio which makes it stand out from the rest. Featuring a USB charging port, you can charge multiple devices such as iPad, smartphone, and more without plugging in a wall.

#3. Ultra Small Battery Travel Alarm Clock

Peakeep Ultra Small, Battery Travel Alarm Clock

  • By: Peakeep

Peakeep clock is excellent for use in places that need maximum silence, especially if a small kid is in your household. It has a second-hand movement that ensures no ticking sound that might irritate someone who is trying to sleep and sensitive to the littlest of noise. This process is further enhanced with a unique quiet sweep motion powered by AA batteries to give you a good night’s sleep for the restless sleepers.

Measuring 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ x 1 ¼ inches, this device is ultra-small and lightweight to ensure simple mobility to and from different places. The design consists of square features. They add beauty to the overall design and give a secure hold during carrying to fit in compact storage such as a backpack, travel suitcase, pocket, and more.

  • Silent operation
  • No-ticking arm movement
  • Illuminates across the dial
  • Fits easily in compact storage
  • Easy to use
  • The hour and minute hand are almost the same size

Our Verdict

There is no need to use high-ticking clocks that might cause disruptions to restless sleepers. This one has a modern design that ensures a noiseless functioning ideal for use at home and during travels. It has a manual-backlight that glows evenly for simple nighttime viewing.

#2. Foldable Travel Alarm Clock

Marathon CL030023 Travel Alarm Clock

  • By: Marathon

We love Marathon clock because it uses a current folding mechanism to give you a straightforward journey and storage. The other designs are not flexible and only have a fixed structure that you cannot amend. Featuring a 180-degree spinning clock-face, it gives you a simple folding and at the same time doubles as a phone holder. Not only is this great for keeping your cellphone steady after going to bed but offers more flexibility.

You no longer have to use alarm clocks that have unappealing finishes. This one boasts of a beautiful silver color that adds a pop of shine to its surroundings. Also, it is simple to clean with just a few wipes to ensure easy maintenance. The constant excuse about low alarm sound is a non-issue, thanks to the loud noise with snooze function. This is perfect for school-going kids, jet-lagged travelers, and even for daily use. The presence of a button-activated backlight provides maximum illumination without causing harm to the eyes.

  • Chic design
  • Versatile display option
  • Longlasting battery
  • Loud alarm sound
  • Foldable design
  • Does snap easily in place when folding

Our Verdict

This travel clock ensures simple portability because of its modern folding design. The provided longlasting AAA batteries offer a reliable and extended service before you need to make replacements. Comes with a unique folding design that acts as a phone holder for added convenience. With a silver finish, it adds elegance to the surroundings, especially a kid’s room.

#1. Digital Travel Alarm Clock

Digital Travel Alarm Clock

  • By: Travelwey

Most travel clocks contain extra features like date, stopwatch, timer, and temperature making the whole design look too much. And in most case, people rarely use the functions. The above unit only incorporates the necessary functionalities to guarantee the operation is a breeze. Designed with maximum simplicity, it ensures most people control it, including kids, elderly, and seniors. Another feature we take note on is a bright display with 5-second on-demand lighting. You can use at night or poorly-lit area to see the time with naturalness.

This handy little device has an alarm and snooze functionalities that keep you organized early in the morning to avoid oversleeping. This can save someone lots of time for preparing and alertness. Some designs lack an on/off dial which can drain the battery because of continuous use. Also, during travel, the screen is always on which does not help, especially if the clock is idle. With this one, you can use the on/off button anytime you want to switch off the screen and save battery. There’s no doubt that this one is the best travel alarm clock on the market.

  • On/off button
  • Clear display
  • Bright backlight
  • Simple to operate
  • Compact
  • Does not show the alarm set time

Our Verdict

The above clock offers the most comfortable use as compared to the rest on the market with excessive features. It has an on/off button that lets you switch the display off. Still, the internal time usually runs to prevent constant resetting when you switch the button on.

Buying Guide For The Best Travel Alarm Clock

There are different reasons for using a travel alarm clock, depending on the user. Some carry it because of its reliability, size, simple usage, while others to keep track of time, especially at night and places with no electricity. When you are looking for this clock and checking the different models, there are some things you should consider.

Ease of use

Newer clock models come with modern features. Some can tell the temperature, time, and even date. While others focus on the necessary details such as alarm time, date, sound, snooze, and lighting elements. The more the features, the more complicated it becomes to use, especially for kids, elderly, and people with visual problems. Consider the people who will use that clock to know which functionalities to pay attention to for seamless operation.


The backlight is another essential thing to consider. If you use at night and want to set the alarm, you will need a bright display to give you a smooth setting. Some lights are too dim that forces the user to switch on the bedroom lights for easy readability. Other are too bright and lack an on/off button, making a restless sleeper even more digitized. Check the different models and previous reviews to get a better idea of the lighting and ease of use.


Most travel clocks have a compact style; hence, its name “travel.” you can found one with a square, oval, and even round shape to complement your style and mobility. It helps the user to fit into pockets, suitcases, and other travel bags with ease. Still, on the form, they come in varying colors such as green, mint lime, black, white, and many more to improve the look of your bedroom.

Power Source

Which power source operates the travel gadget? Does it use batteries, electricity, or both? The good thing for multiple sources of charging up the clock is that you can have excellent versatility. In case there is a blackout, and the battery drains, you can load it up with an AC adapter. But some people feel replacing batteries regularly is too pricey in the long run. Go for one that meets your electricity bills but remember that alarm clocks use very low energy.

USB Port

Lastly, is the USB hubs. Modern designs have USB ports to allow users to charge their tablet, iPod, iPad, smartphone and other USB-enabled gadgets using the clock, also, check for Bluetooth compatibility. Some units can connect to Bluetooth, which is more suitable for bedroom configuration rather than wired speakers.


You can keep your life on track by using an alarm clock. Nowadays, it comes with functional features such as alarm time, temperature reading time display, backlighting, and much more. If you want one that is easier to carry during travels, then search no more. On our list, we have the best travel alarm clock that offers premium service. Choose one or two if you have a friend who is always on the move. Remember that an organized life makes you more productive.

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