Best Travel Laptops In 2021 Review— Top 9 Products

When choosing a laptop for your travels, you want something reliable and convenient. Unlike the normal ones, it will have limited space inside a backpack and may also be exposed to the elements. Also, due it the regular movement, it will experience more vibrations and is likely to get more banged up against other objects. In addition, it will get dustier and dirtier. It’s therefore important you make certain you have the right one. But which one is the best travel laptop? This is what this read intends to answer.

The Top 9 Best Travel Laptops

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#9. Full HD Compact Laptop

Acer Aspire 1 A114-32-C1YA, 14 Full HD, Intel Celeron N4000, 4GB DDR4, 64GB eMMC

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  • By: Acer

This travel laptop is a relatively small laptop and will fit nicely inside the backpack. It also doesn’t take too much space on the lap or desktop. We like the slim profile and the lightweight which improves portability and handling. Although small, it offers good performance and will be okay for most needs. The 14-inch unit comes with a 4GB RAM which is pretty good. It processes tasks faster than most types in its class. The storage of 64 GB also sounds decent, according to most users. You don’t need to get a larger memory. The unit is well made and feels very solid. It should put-up with the operation and mishandling well. The case keeps its nice looks for a longer time than other options and doesn’t become too scratched. It’s also more fingerprint-resistant.

  • Small and compact
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Decent speed and memory
  • Suitable for travel and other situations
  • The storage isn’t super large

Our Verdict

This is a nice laptop for traveling. It’s small and lightweight and won’t bog you down. Moreover, it has a slim profile and occupies little space. The unit is made from tough materials and will last for a long time. It’s high quality but still well priced.

#8. Slim Microsoft Surface Go

New Microsoft Surface Go (Intel Pentium Gold, 8GB RAM, 128GB)

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  • By: Microsoft

Although small in size, this travel laptop is very reliable. The processor /CPU has decent speed and handles most computing needs well. It is a 10-inch unit has a high resolution and runs Windows 10 Home. The memory of 8GB is also way better than most units in its class. It starts up relatively fast and maintains high performance throughout. The accessory only weighs 1.15 lbs and is also slim in profile. Carrying it is not a problem, and it will fit inside most laptop bags or backpacks well. Moreover, it is small and compact to minimize the possibility of it falling. The surface looks sleek and doesn’t get smudges or fingerprints easily. Additionally, it is less prone to chipping, dents or cracking. This makes cleaning and maintaining the accessory easier. For storage, you can count on the 128GB space to deliver.

  • High resolution and good clarity
  • Fast performance and practical storage
  • The battery lasts for fairly long
  • Looks modern and sleek
  • It’s not the cheapest in its category

Our Verdict

This is a good laptop for traveling with. It’s only 10 inches and will fit in backpacks and other bags well. It also doesn’t take lots of space on the laps or desktop. We like the sleek and smooth look as well as high performance. It runs silently and doesn’t become too hot.

#7. Lenovo 11.6″ HD Laptop

New Lenovo 130S 11.6 HD Laptop, Intel Celeron (2 cores) N4000 1.1GHz up to 2.6GHz

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  • By: Lenovo

Measuring 11.6 inches, this unit should be perfect for all your travels. It’s small and will conveniently slide in and out of the backpack. The laptop is also lighter in weight and has a slimmer profile. This improves handling and transportation. It’s a small laptop but performs pretty well. The 2-core CPU is fairly fast and will reach a speed up to 2.6GHz to handle most applications. It also has a nice 4GB DDR Ram for faster processing. Besides, it’s made from tough plastic and has a high-resolution display.

The product is less affected by reflections and glare. This suits it for outdoor use even in sunny situations. It comes with Windows 10, and you also get Office 365 Personal valid for 1 year and can run for many hours and will maintain good performance. It doesn’t get too hot, and the battery can last for several hours.

  • High performance and good resolution
  • Doesn’t produce lots of noise or heat
  • The images are super clear
  • The screen doesn’t flicker or suffer from glare
  • It doesn’t feature a CD/DVD drive

Our Verdict

With this laptop, traveling with your work shouldn’t be hard. It’s also a good piece to enjoy games, browsing, and other things. It’s among the smallest and lightest pieces out there. This enables it to occupy minimum space and also to fit in bags rather well. It has a sleek appearance and is also easy to clean.

#6. VivoBook 2-In-1 Flip 14″ FHD LCD Touchscreen Laptop

New ASUS VivoBook 2 in 1 Flip 14 FHD LCD Touchscreen Laptop Computer

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  • By: ASUS

Your search for the best travel laptops ends now. With the ASUS VivoBook, you’ll own a lightweight and portable piece. It weighs lesser than some smaller options, and this is due to the lighter materials and slimmer design. Nonetheless, 2.8 lb-units is a tough unit that handles the use and movement well. It comes with Windows 10 and has a decent speed of 2.7 GHz. This should handle even the demanding tasks well.

We love the flipping nature that allows you to use it as a laptop or a tablet. The process is simple and straight forward. It has a good RAM n memory of 4GB, and you also get 64GB of internal storage. Thanks to the Full HD 1920 x 1080) LCD Touchscreen you’ll enjoy very amazing views. And since its 14 inches, you’ll enjoy better views than the 10 or 11-inch units.

  • Very responsive Touchscreen
  • High clarity and resolution
  • Good performance and nice audio
  • Compact and lightweight
  • The CPU isn’t super fast

Our Verdict

We like this laptop for its good portability. It’s lightweight and also slim and compact. The larger size delivers sharper and clearer images. It doesn’t produce lots of noise and is also doesn’t become too hot. The battery’s durability is also not that bad.

#5. 11.6″ Chromebook 3

Samsung Electronics XE500C13 Chromebook 3 2GB RAM 16GB SSD Laptop, 11.6

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  • By: Samsung

The Samsung Electronics XE500C13 is a little travel laptop computer and fits well inside the bag. It additionally does not take excessive room on the lap or desktop. We like the lightweight which boosts mobility and handling. It also uses minimal energy to conserve battery power. On a full charge, it will last for several hours while maintaining top performance. The 11.6 dimension is practical and effective. It features a 2 GB RAM and has a 16GB storage space.

The device is well made and also strong. It ought to put-up with the processes and mishandling well. Many consumers state that the case has a tougher feel and also is more tolerant of scratches, stains, cracks, and other things. The only concern some consumers have is the glossy screen which may experience some glare under the bright sun.

  • The battery lasts relatively long
  • Small, compact and portable
  • Nice Built-in security features
  • Spill-resistant keyboard
  • Doesn’t work with some apps

Our Verdict

This is a great laptop computer for taking a trip. It’s little and lightweight and will not bog you down. It is also slim and minimizes space wastage. The device is made from tough products and will last for a very long time. The high-quality piece is among the most affordable and reliable pieces.

#4. Lenovo HD Laptop With Intel Celeron N4000

Lenovo 130S-11IGM 11.6 HD Laptop, Intel Celeron N4000, 4GB RAM, 64GB eMMC

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  • By: Lenovo

Small in dimension, the Lenovo 130S-11IGM is among the best travel laptops in the market. It is reputable and enjoys encouraging reviews. The CPU is fairly fast and handles most operations well. It has a high resolution and comes with Windows 10 and Office 365. The memory of 4GB is okay for most basic applications. For storage, you get 64 Bit. It launches fairly quickly and keeps its high efficiency throughout. The device is lightweight and also slim, and carrying it is not an issue. It will certainly fit inside a lot of laptop bags.

The small and compact size lessens the chances of dropping it due to too much weight. The surface looks smooth and is less prone to fingerprints and smudges. In addition, it is less vulnerable to breaking, damages or warping. Wiping and cleansing the accessory is simple and easy.

  • Good HD resolution
  • Energy-efficient LED backlight
  • Decent storage and memory
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Doesn’t have a DVD/CD drive

Our Verdict

This is a great laptop computer for traveling with and is 11.6 inches in size. Fitting it inside backpacks and other situations won’t be a struggle. It likewise does not take great deals of room on the laps or desk. We like the sleek appearance along with high energy efficiency. It runs silently and doesn’t feel too hot even after long use.

#3. 2-In-1 Convertible Laptop With HD Touchscreen Display

Lenovo Flex 11 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, 11.6 Inch HD Touchscreen Display

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  • By: Lenovo

With a dimension of 11.6 inches, this travel laptop computer ought to be ideal for all you’re traveling. It’s little in size and will easily fit in most backpacks. Getting it out is equally easy, thanks to the slim profile. Its lighter in weight weighs just 2.75 lbs, and this boosts handling and transportation. The CPU is rather fast and will handle most tasks well. It has a decent RAM of 4GB DDR for faster processing of data.

It’s made from hard plastic and has a high-resolution display screen. Moreover, it is less affected by glare, making it okay for the outdoors. It comes with Windows 10 and Office 365 and is energy efficient. It doesn’t get too warm even after demanding tasks or extended usage. Besides, the battery can last for many hrs before needing recharging.

  • Made of premium materials
  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to convert
  • Features multiple ports
  • It’s not a large laptop

Our Verdict

With this laptop computer, traveling while working should be less of a hassle. It’s an excellent item that handles most tasks well. Also, it’s amongst the small and compact items around. This allows it to occupy minimal space and likewise fit inside a bag well. It has a smooth look and is very easy to take care of.

#2. HP 2019 14″ Laptop With 128GB Solid State Drive

HP 2019 14 Laptop - Intel Core i3 - 8GB Memory - 128GB Solid State Drive



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  • By: HP

With the HP 14-inch laptop, you’ll possess a lightweight and practical item. It is larger than some smaller sized alternatives and will offer better picture clarity. The good resolution also contributes to the sharper images. It features Windows 10 and has a respectable speed to take care of the tasks. We likewise love the fast startup and the seamless and noiseless operation. It can run for hours without the performance decline. The RAM of 8GB is ideal for most applications, and you also get 128 GB of storage space.

The solid-state drive is resilient and offers better performance than other options. It’s made tough to put-up with the movement, vibrations, accidental knocks and much more. Moreover, the screen isn’t very glossy and will thus combat glare and reflections. It should fit okay in most backpacks. It uses energy efficiently, and this helps the battery to offer more hours in comparison to its alternatives.

  • Easy to use and very portable
  • Vivid colors and clear images
  • Good resolution and sound
  • Faster start-up times
  • It doesn’t feature an integrated CD/DVD drive

Our Verdict

We like this laptop computer for its great resolution as well as transportability. It’s lightweight, slim and compact. The unit resolution relays sharp and clear images. It doesn’t generate lots of heat, and the sound is decent. It additionally doesn’t become too hot, and the battery offers several hours of use.

#1. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop With Full HD IPS Display

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop, 15.6 Full HD IPS Display, AMD Ryzen 3 3200U

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  • By: Acer

This travel laptop is a fairly tiny laptop computer and will fit perfectly inside most backpacks. It does not take excessive room on the lap or desk. We like the slim design and the lightweight which enhances transportability and handling. The Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) relays very clear and sharp images. You should enjoy every comment. Besides, the screen isn’t very glossy and isn’t affected by glare or reflections too much.

The 15.6 -inch laptop computer includes a 4GB RAM which is respectable. It handles tasks quicker than a lot of similar rated options. The storage space of 128 GB appears suitable according to the majority of individuals hence no need to increase it. The device is well made and really feels quite strong to put-up with the use and a bit of misuse. It also maintains its good appearance and integrity due to good construction quality and premium materials. Unlike most other choices, it doesn’t end up being as well scraped or fade. It’s additionally doesn’t get fingerprint marks or smudges. Moreover, it’s easy to wipe off the greases, dust, dirt, moisture and more.

  • HD resolution and anti-glare Touchscreen
  • Crystal-clear sound
  • Ergonomic styled keyboard
  • Good built and durable
  • It’s a little larger than some options

Our Verdict

This is a great travel laptop computer and is suitable for novices and professionals. It’s not a very large piece and is also lightweight. You, therefore, don’t feel weighed down by it. It has a slim nature for quick and convenient fitting inside a bag. It also improves the portability. The product will certainly last for a long time since it’s made from premium quality materials.

How We Picked The Best Travel Laptops?

Laptops for traveling are a bit different from the normal types. This is due to the movements, limited spaces, and more exposure to environmental factors. To pick them out and rank them, we focused on the following things:


The first thing we looked at was how portable they were. When traveling, the last things you desire are a heavy piece that adds to your struggles. You also don’t want something too large to fit on the backpack. What you wish is to have is a lightweight and space-saving accessory. It won’t feel too heavy and will fit nicely in most standard backpacks.


The laptop is more prone to getting stolen or damaged during the traveling. It may be snatched from the workstation or from inside the pack. Also, you may accidentally sit on it or bang it against objects. It’s, therefore, important that you pick a piece that comes with many safety features. It will be lockable to prevent any unauthorized access. The case will also be much stronger.

Energy Efficiency

Since you won’t be in your home or office, access to power may be a bit limited. You may need to use it while on a train, airport, bus station, coach and other places. It must keep the charge for a long time. This saves you from having to fret about it shutting down while you are in the middle of something. It also saves you from needing to purchase another battery.


The laptop should be dependable. It should offer services just as good as the best standard type. Just because it’s mainly used for travel doesn’t mean it should be of any lesser quality. It also doesn’t mean that it should have fewer features. What you need is a high quality, reliable and durable laptop. It will have all that you need.


As earlier stated, the laptop will get banged also. It will Experience more vibrations, abrasions, shock, impact and more. If not well made, it will be more prone to getting damaged. The performance may also decline over time. Before you purchase an item, always ensure that it will handle the tasks, environmental factors and more well. Review will help to point you in the right direction.

Power Compatibility

The US uses 100-120V power while the UK and EU use 220-240v power. The variances will also be experienced in other parts of the world. Having a 100-120v rated unit may prove ineffective in areas designed for 220-240v power. The vice versa also applies. You also will find it a struggle to carry a power adapter. Before making a purchase, Ensure that the device is well suited for the power rating. Better still; go for units that support dual power. They will normally use 100-260v power.


The best travel laptop will be very comfortable to use. It won’t feel too heavy when placed on a lap or desktop. It also won’t require lots of space. This allows you to use it in many places conveniently. These include inside the bus, train, ferry, substation, hotel, caravan, vacation home, and many other places. The slimmer it is, the better. The lighter it is, the better. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t sacrifice durability and reliability for comfort and convenience. You should try to strike a balance.


Like any other type of laptop, price is also a concern. Nobody wants to spend lots of money on a product, only for it to get damaged too soon. You also don’t want a costly laptop with so many advanced features but don’t keep pore for long. You should look at the available funds and how much you are yearning to spend. This will guide you on the pieces that fall within your price bracket or budget.

Other things worth looking at include the brand, reviews, features, parts availability and compatibility with operating systems.


These laptops will prove useful for your travel needs. As you can see, they are very portable hence making the movement convenient. They are sturdily built to handle the vibrations, bangs, falls as well as exposure to the elements. In comparison to other options, they are space-efficient and also comprise of the solid casing. We also choose reliable items, have a long-lasting battery and fit nicely inside nest backpacks. With any of the above products, not only will you have the best travel laptops, but are more certain of maximum satisfaction.

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