The 12 Best Triple Monitor Stands You Should Buy

Mount your three screens on a desk stand to enjoy a comfortable viewing. It holds multiple displays to save desktop space and at the same time prevent eye, neck, and head strains. In this review, we have the best triple monitor stand in 2021.

The Top 12 Best Triple Monitor Stands

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#1. Free Standing Triple Mount

WALI Free Standing Triple Mount

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  • By: WALI

The WALI triple mount is suitable for monitors with a maximum size of 24 inches, including LED and LCD flat screens. Also, it supports up to 22-pound weight in each arm for best results`. The detachable mount plates and adjustable height are highly compatible with VESA 100X100mm. With a center monitor, it tilts +/-45° as the side monitor rotates +/-90° to allow smooth swiveling reading angles. In addition, a 360° rotation system allows the portrait to landscape mode.

With 2-stage locking technology and a C-clamp, you get maximum safety as the 3-inch Grommet base increases stability. Use the clamping system with a 4-inch desk to have better performance. Another thing is a free-standing base with a modern design for simple placement on any table or desktop. The arms are made of quality material and extend easily to fit your viewing preferences. Not only that bit also retracts as you set your preferred height on an 18-inch pole.

  • High compatibility
  • 2-stage locking system
  • Strong grommet base
  • Adjustable arms
  • Reduces neck strain
  • You cannot adjust the Z-axis rotation

Our Verdict

This triple mount works well for screens measuring 24 inches and weighing under 22 pounds per arm. It has detachable mount plates to give you a simple installation for a VESA pattern of 100x100mm. Rotate the side monitor and center monitor to an angle that meets your viewing comfort.

#2. Triple Monitor Mount Desk Stand

Triple Monitor Mount Desk Stand

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  • By: IMtKotW

Looking for a universal triple monitor stand? You have found it. The above unit has a 2-in1 design that doubles as a triple or dual monitor mount that supports three 27-inch or two 32-inch monitors. Also, its15.4-pound maximum weight on each arm uses a 100x100mm VESA square hole pattern for best results. We take note of the included gas spring arms made of premium aluminum to offer steady adjustments. Swivel with the ±45° tilt, ±90° swivel, and ±180° rotation.

Set your displays easily by choosing one of the adjustments angles to get the perfect viewing position and angle. The two mounting options can fit a desk with or without a drill hole. Plus, the Clamp is an excellent addition for you to place the device on a desk with a thickness between 0.4″-3.3″. This item has a sturdy grommet base ideal for 0.4-0.33 inches tables.

  • Premium aluminum gas spring
  • Universal monitor mount
  • Supports 15.4 pounds on each arm
  • Height-adjustable arms
  • Optimal viewing angle
  • The arm is hard to lower

Our Verdict

This mount desk stand has a universal compatibility best to hold two or three monitors at the same time. Supporting up to 15.4 pounds on each arm, it is perfect for different sized screens. The multiple adjustments guarantee a comfortable viewing position and angle.

#3. Sturdy Triple Monitor Stand

TechOrbits Triple Monitor Stand

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  • By: TechOrbits

TechOrbits monitor stand has advanced features to add safety in every action. Boasting of SmartSwivel engineering with articulating spring arms, they support the monitors’ weight for a free-standing workstation. That means you can set on a desk or table to get a comfortable viewing. A bonus function is the floating screen display for you to attach the screen and turn it right, left, up or down. Besides, you can tilt the screen to get better visibility while reducing glares.

Designed using premium material, it lasts longer than the others in the market. Plus, its universal structure is suitable for all sizes and shapes of screens between 13″ – 30″. In addition, each arm holds an incredible 15.5-pound weight to give you better stability. The included gas springs ensure you have a convenient movement and adjustment of your monitors.

  • Flexible spring arms
  • Floating screen display
  • Universal fit
  • Full range motion
  • Sleek and strong
  • For VESA monitors only

Our Verdict

TechOrbits has joined the top brands for TV stands and created this one that improves safety. It has a modern design with a SmartSwivel engineering system that supports your monitors’ weight. Place the whole structure on a desk or a free-standing workstation. Made from heavy-duty aluminum, it delivers a secure and stylish mounting system.

#4. Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount

WALI Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount

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  • By: WALI

Some pricey desk mount that doesn’t deliver the expected service. Wali stand costs around 40 dollars to give you a smooth performance without breaking the bank. It has a lovely black finish which coordinates well with existing decor such as desk, wall and more. Wipe off the surface with a damp cloth to clear away dirt buildup. This accessory has excellent compatibility to fit flat panel display up to 27 inches and weighing less than 22 pounds per arm.

The high-grade arms are flexible enough to easily extend and retract to a +/-90° swivel and +/-15° tilt as you change the reading angles. With a durable monitor arm, you can adjust the height on the 31.5″ height pole. Also, you get double productivity and efficiency by opening up your desk space for a comfortable position. Use the detachable mount plates to have a smooth setup with 100x100mm VESA mounting holes.

  • Sturdy and inexpensive
  • Provides better productivity
  • Easy to use
  • Lovely black finish
  • Clear user manual
  • Needs a bit of effort to adjust the height

Our Verdict

This monitor desk mount is among the most affordable in the market with a 40-dollar price. It has a bold black finish that blends well with most decor. The design works well with flat-panel monitors measuring less than 27 inches. Also, it has an adjustable height compatible with 100x100mm VESA holes.

#5. Triple 27″ Monitor Desk Stand

AVLT-Power Triple 27 Monitor Desk Stand

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  • By: AVLT-Power

No more crawling or bending under the desk every time you set up your monitors. This desk stand has a top mounting design suitable for small space, mainly the underside of a desktop. It makes assembly super easy as the detachable VESA plate improves the process. After setup, your workspace is cleaner looking and spacious as well as clutter-free. Turn the well-made gas shock clockwise for increased tension, when your monitor tilts down.

In case you experience neck, eye, and back strains, this equipment has a solution. Boasting of an ergonomic viewing angle, it helps eliminate these problems. Now, you can enjoy safe and simple entertainment at home with friends and colleagues. It is built with lasting aluminum, the mechanical spring arms, grommet base, and C-clamp work together to lift your monitors securely in place.

  • User-friendly installation
  • Solid and stylish
  • Universal fit
  • Aluminum mechanical spring arms
  • Reduced neck strain
  • The arms wobble if used with heavy monitors

Our Verdict

Get a user-friendly installation with this monitor desk stand. It uses a top mounting design suitable for small desktop underside spaces. With an ergonomic viewing angle, no more neck, eye, and back strains. It comes with aluminum mechanical spring arms for excellent flexibility and a sturdy base for increased stability.

#6. Durable & Stable Triple Monitor Stand

Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand

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  • By: Mount-It!

Mount-It is a leading brand of television accessories, including this monitor stand that has full adjustability. The three monitor arms tilt up/down at a 90-degree angle while swivel left/right up to 360 degrees. You can raise or lower the monitors quickly as well as rotate them in portrait or landscape mode. The VESA plates detach quickly with a simple button push and remount by sliding back.

Turn the hex bolt to adjust the gas spring tension for holding the displays in place. With a center monitor, setting your preferred height is a breeze without using any special tools to turn the bracket arm. The included mounting tools, hardware, and instructions enhance assembly. Additionally, you can watch the video tutorial to get additional tips on installation and functionality.

  • Counter-balanced spring arms
  • Fully adjustable
  • Easy installation
  • Integrated cable management
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • The center mount only adjusts more up/down

Our Verdict

Using this monitor stand from a renowned brand gives you maximum adjustability. It has three monitor arms that swivel left and right in a wide 360-degree angle. Also, they tilt up and down up to 90 degrees. Set your comfortable viewing level with the adjustable height as you increase the spring tension with a hex bolt.

#7. Triple Monitor Stand

HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand

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  • By: HUANUO

Save valuable space with this triple-monitor stand which holds three screens on the same platform. It has a futuristic design that clears up the desk room while increasing efficiency and productivity. With two standing options, it supports grommet and adjustable base mounting installations. The Grommet setup fits 3-inch desks perfect for multiple workplace structures. We like the excellent steel base with a thick underside padding to prevent surface scratches.

This item is compatible with three 13″ – 24″ curved LCD PC monitors or flat screen with VESA 100x100mm and 75x75mm mounting holes. Also, the display should weigh up to 22lbs for the best results. Another thing is the featured multiple adjustable joints to allow a full 180° tilt and 180° swivel as well as 360° full rotation. The flexibility and articulating arms ensure you have an optimal viewing angle. Enjoy efficient cable management with the detachable cord clips on the center pole and arms.

  • Space-saving design
  • 2 standing options
  • Increased work efficiency
  • Multiple adjustable joints
  • Efficient cable management
  • The VESA mounting screws have a plastic housing

Our Verdict

You can save valuable space by using this monitor stand. It supports three screens at the same time to keep the viewing room clean looking. The articulation arms add flexibility for you to set your preferred view angle. Also, this item is compatible with curve LCD monitors and flat-screen.

#8. Triple Monitor Mount

LANGRIA 3 Monitor Mount

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This is a sturdy monitor mount made of quality materials to give you premium performance. Boasting of a sturdy 7mm metal fork-tailed base and a 15.7-inch chrome center pole for added steadiness. No longer will you experience wobbliness every time you tilt the monitors. With improved ergonomics, you will not experience significant eye and neck strains. The 2 VESA brackets tilt 45 degrees up and down and rotate 360 degrees to switch from vertical to horizontal viewing. Besides, they also slide approximately 12.2 inches.

Hide all your wires neatly under the stand’s arm to get an organized cleaner appearance. Also, it ensures a clutter-free workspace to improve your viewing comfort. This accessory fits flat displays with a 100mm x 100mm or 75mm x 75mm VESA pattern and weighing 4.4-17.6 pounds. This mount has three arms to hold three PC monitors ranging from 15″ – 27″ at once suitable for multitasking designers, gamers and programmers.

  • Strong and steady construction
  • Lovely chrome elements
  • Integrated cable management
  • VESA compatibility
  • Multipurpose
  • Some users feel the tabletop base is unappealing

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a robust triple monitor stand, you have found it. This one has a 15.7-inch chrome center pole, and fork-tailed base prevents wobbliness, titling, and unnecessary movements. The finish looks great in most indoor places to add aesthetics and style. The tabletop is low profile for sliding your keyboard easily.

#9. Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount

EZM Deluxe Triple Monitor Mount

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  • By: EasyMountLCD

Its excellent compatibility holds widescreen displays such as curved up to 28 inches each. You can fix your three monitors confidently and enjoy a simple viewing at home or work. The design works well with 100 x 100 mm or 75 x 75 mm mounting holes to simplify the installation. You can adjust the height and width of this stand, thanks to the mounting heads that slide in and out smoothly. Now, you can have a comfortable view as the flexible arms facilitate various screen sizes.

Featuring a 360 degree clockwise and counterclockwise swiveling mounting heads, this item accommodates both vertical and horizontal modes. The exterior mounting heads swivel left or right at 180° angle and tilt up and down up to 180 degrees. Another thing is the angled style of the arms that form a curved style effect to increase comfort.

  • Great compatibility
  • Thick and strong pole
  • Simple adjustability
  • For three 28″ screens
  • Reliable Grommet base
  • The vertical height adjustments are limited

Our Verdict

The structure is perfect for 100 x 100 mm or 75 x 75mm VESA mounting holes. Also, this item has a quick release mounting brackets to improve the setup and save time. The exterior mounting heads quickly swivel left and right to a wide 180-degree angle for the best viewing experience.

#10. Black Triple Monitor Stand

VIVO Black Triple Monitor Stand

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  • By: VIVO

VIVO is a renowned brand that has come up with this triple monitor stand that gives you simple maintenance. It has a lovely black finish and smooth edges to eliminate color clashing and scratches. Now, you can place it on your work surface or desk without worrying about damage. Boasting of an all-steel structure that supports a weight of 22 pounds per display, totaling 66 pounds. The full articulation creates ergonomic and safe viewing angles to help reduce eye strains. Also, the orientation has an ideal screen positioning to alleviate back, shoulders, and neck soreness.

Win back valuable table space to place three monitors at the same position to have a comfortable use. Use the integrated cable management to keep your AV and power wires organized via clips. The clips are located along the center pole and to allow quick setup and cord access. This gadget is compatible with three screens measuring between 13″ to 32″ and has VESA 100x100mm or 75x75mm mounting holes.

  • Simple to maintain
  • Lovely and smooth finish
  • All-steel structure
  • Saves desk space
  • Integrated cable management
  • Some users experience a little wiggle

Our Verdict

VIVO monitor stand gives you simple care than other designs in the market. The black color is timeless for lovely stylish effects, while the smooth edges add extra aesthetics. Use the articulating arms to rotate to your preferred viewing angle for added comfort.

#11. Premium Aluminum Triple Monitor Stand

SIIG Premium Aluminum Triple Monitor Stand

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  • By: SIIG

SIIG monitor stand has an aluminum arm with a slotted track to provide effortless swiveling. It allows you to adjust the horizontal orientation as the side hinges deliver full support for curved-in viewing. This item is fully customizable to support monitor 360° rotation and +/- 15° tilt angles for portrait or landscape. Not only that but also allow height adjustments up to 15 inches to facilitate comfortable viewing angles

Featuring a unique mounting bracket with a removable VESA plate, you can fine-tune the height adjustments to a maximum of 20mm. Also, this system helps to keep the monitors aligned for best viewing and safety. Made of premium material, it is sturdy and robust to support 13″ to 27″ screens weighing up to 17.6 pounds each. Plus, the counter-balanced base delivers excellent stability and positioning on your desktop.

  • Effortless monitor adjustments
  • Quick assembly and tuning
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Fully customizable design
  • Convenient clip-on cord guides
  • The arms need more angling distance

Our Verdict

Some monitor stands have limited swiveling angle leading to eye and neck strains. For the SIIG, it comes with a flexible arm and slotted track to give you an effortless rotation. The side hinges are best for curved-in viewing for the right or left monitors.

#12. Triple Monitor Desk Mount Stand

SLYPNOS Triple Monitor Desk Mount Stand

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If you want better user experience and productivity during TV viewing, SLYPNOS does not disappoint. It holds three screens up to 27 inches each to maximize performance and optimize efficiency as well as deliver an excellent display. Costing around 66 dollars, it is cheaper than other models to give you value for money and reliable service. It comes with a C-clamp base for easy assembly and stability. The slotted track delivers simple horizontal monitor adjustments as the 15.8-inch center pole allows quick height adjustment.

Switch between portrait and landscape modes with multiple adjustments. You can also tilt your screens 45 degrees forward or backward for an advanced viewing action. Featuring an adjustable hinge, you can position your monitors in an arch or flat to create a comfortable viewing angle. Moreover, the adjustability is suitable gaming or work to help reduce back, eye, and neck strain with enhanced ergonomic adjustment.

  • Heavy-duty arms
  • Better productivity
  • Multiple adjustments
  • Improved ergonomics
  • For 27″ screens
  • Requires Allen keys to tighten joints

Our Verdict

Improve your viewing experience with this triple monitor stand. It can hold three monitors at the same time measuring 27 inches each. The black color looks great and is much easier to clean. With multiple adjustments, switching between portrait and landscape is easy.

Benefits Of Triple Monitor Stands

So triple monitor stands allow you to mount up to 3 monitors simultaneously which is absolutely convenient to use. You probably question about the benefits of triple monitor stands if you are new to them. No matter if you are a programmer, designer, gamer, or streamer, this type of monitor is beneficial for all. That is why we are here to tell you why this type of monitor stand is advantageous to have.


The awesome thing about triple monitor stands is that they offer incredible adjustability to your monitors. You can move, tilt, and adjust them to any angle at your preference with ease. You can even have one monitor vertically while the others horizontally, and it stays in place just like that. With multiple adjustable monitors, you will find yourself more comfortable when working. That also helps to prevent eye and neck strain from trying to focus on a certain angle as well. Triple monitor stands allow you to work at your favorite angle with all your three monitors with great comfort. There is nothing more convenient than that, and that is why you should have one.

Productivity Improvement

It is indeed better to be able to work on various monitors all at once without switching windows. With multiple display workstations on the desk, you will be able to work faster and better with great convenience. At the same time, multiple screens will save you a lot of time from switching between different windows and applications. No more freezing screen from too much switching as well, and that is one reason why triple monitor stands are useful. Get one, and you will see the improvement of your productivity since the first day.


Looking modern and sophisticated is part of the lifestyles nowadays. So basically, triple monitor stands do not only provide comfort and convenience but also style for you as well. Walking to the room with three monitors, how cool is that? It plays a part, and that is also why you should get one.

Space Saving

Picking the right triple monitor stands allows you to use three monitors in a space of one. All you need is one desk that you work every day, and you can have three monitors on it. Just one triple monitor stands, and you will be able to create a new setup right away. It does not take up space, and it provides space for extra two monitors so why not? With more space and more monitors, what is not to like about them?


Another great thing about triple monitor stands it that they offer versatility in working. Since their height is adjustable, you can easily choose your preferred way of working at your convenience. You can choose either sit or stand as you work, and the monitor stand will make it comfortable for you. There are also times when you want to raise or lower your seat for extra comfort. And the triple monitor stands are flexible enough to accommodate that for you as well.

Buying Guide For The Best Triple Monitor Stand

The following guide gives you top factors to consider when planning to buy a triple monitor mount.


The design of the mount should have enough strength to keep the whole unit stable. Check for the base design that adds stability as well as prevent unnecessary tilts. Another thing is the articulating arms which should move smoothly without using too much force.

Viewing Angle

Setting up an ideal viewing angle will give you a comfortable view position. Also, it will help prevent eye and neck strains, usually caused by incorrect screen orientation. Ensure the stand is adjustable in height as well as width. Not only for you to set a correct vertical but also horizontal direction.


Picking the best triple monitor stand is much more comfortable with this review. We have the top products that have amazing features such as height adjustability to set your most comfortable viewing angle. Also, the designs are made of premium materials, including steel and aluminum, to enhance durability. Remember, a triple screen mount saves valuable desk space to keep the area clutter-free. Read through each item and compare the different specs to enjoy a lasting service at home or in the workplace.

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