12 Best TV Wall Mounts Of 2020 – Products Review

A tv room or other rooms in your house can look much better with excellent cable management by use of a tv wall bracket. It helps you have a unique viewing angle at your ideal sitting position. Also, it can accommodate both small and large-size televisions without unnecessary movements or sudden slips. In this review, we feature the best tv wall mount in 2020.

The Top 12 Best TV Wall Mounts

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#12. Tilting TV Wall Bracket With Low Profile

Tilting TV Wall Bracket With Low Profile Style Ties


PERLESMITH are among the top-rated brands for tv wall mounts. The above one has a universal design suitable for 23″-55″ televisions that weigh less than 115 pounds. It has a compatible faceplate that can fit VESA pattern from 75X75mm up to 400X400mm for added convenience. Make sure you look at your television’s VESA design or the hole pattern, weight, cable input, and wall stud location for smooth installation.

Made using heavy-duty steel, it guarantees maximum safety, unlike the other products. Also, it can hold four times the load rated by UL standards to give you a worry-free operation. There is no need to worry about holding safety and other issues. This product has a unique locking mechanism featuring a quick-release functionality that secures your television easily to the wall.

  • Space-saving
  • Easy installation
  • Safe and affordable
  • Quality material
  • Universal design
  • Hard to tilt

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a tv wall mount that has a universal design, then the Perlesmith is an ideal option. It is made with longlasting material that promotes its lifespan. The locking mechanism secures your tv to the wall at your preferred position.

#11. Ultra Slim TV Bracket

VonHaus Ultra Slim TV Bracket

  • By: VonHaus

Cost around 27 dollars, this tv bracket is quite affordable to give you excellent functionalities. It has a VESA pattern of 400mm x 400 mm making it compatible with most large-sized tv sets. Also, it can fit 26″-55″ inch televisions with a load of 88 pounds and below. Installation does not take up too much time and the full instructions with fitting hardware, offer you a smooth process. Now you can hang your tv like a professional on 16-inch wood studs.

Ever experienced the irritating screen glares? Probably yes. This item eliminates them from the screen while tilting your television up to seven degrees backward and forwards. Also, it can shift it to allow you to have your perfect viewing angle in a centered position.

  • Quick and simple setup
  • Inexpensive
  • Ultra slim
  • Lovely design
  • Longlasting
  • The diagrams are not clear on the manual

Our Verdict

This unit provides an affordable service to its users. With a low-profile design, it not only saves space but at the same time enhance the look of your tv room. You will have better cable management at almost a concealable appearance.

#10. Tilting TV Wall Mount

ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount


We understand you have probably seen a few glares on a tv screen in some television sets. One of the main reason why some glares appear might be because of poor mounting of a tv wall bracket. The above wall bracket eliminates these screen glares effortlessly with up to 15 degrees tilt angle.

You do not require any tool for the setup because it comes with a hardware packet for the perfect compatibility. Another feature is a low-profile style that looks good and is much easier to handle.

Some tv mounts are heavy, which forces more than a single person to manage. With a slim construction, it provides you with simple cable access while securing your tv from about 2.5 inches from your wall. Boasting of durable steel, it can accommodate a Tv up to 70 inches and most VESA pattern.

  • Sturdy and longlasting
  • Reduces screen glare
  • Smooth cable management
  • Extensive hardware packet
  • DIY installation
  • To tighten the screws after mounting, you need a long head screwdriver

Our Verdict

The above tv wall mount quickly eliminates screen glares. It offers a DIT setup that takes less than 30 minutes. Made of heavy-duty metal to enhance more longevity and safe use. Also, this item comes with the hardware packet and simple 3-step setup for added convenience.

#9. Heavy-Duty & Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty, Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount

  • By: AmazonBasics

The AmazonBasics TV bracket fits televisions up to 80 inches with 130-pound weight and below for better and safe viewing experience. With modern articulating construction, it can extend up to 19 inches and tilt between -5 and 10 degrees for optimal viewing angle from the wall. Not only does this give you a comfortable seating position but reduces the screen glares usually cause by poorly-installed tv wall mounts.

This item has mounting hardware, cable ties, and a manual to promote a quick and efficient setup. The cable straps give you clean cord management to achieve an organized appearance. For cleaning purposes, make use of a damp soft cloth, sponge or brush, and wipe the bracket’s surface to enhance its durability. If you do this more frequently, the better to see if there is any damage to simple maintenance.

  • Premium material
  • Provides additional strength
  • Improved tv-viewing
  • High-quality inbuilt bubble level
  • Compatible mounting pattern
  • Lacks documentation related to TV sizes or brands

Our Verdict

Some tv wall mounts have a fixed position which hinders a pleasant viewing experience. The one above boasts of an articulating design that allows simple tilting up to the recommended angle to enhance a smooth and strain-free viewing. Equipped with a bubble level, offer simple installation.

#8. Full Motion With Perfect Center Design TV Mount

Mounting Dream TV Mount Full Motion with Perfect Center Design

  • By: Mounting Dream

We love the above television accessory because of its ability to create a space-saving functionality. It has a low-profile style that uses minimal inches between your tv and the wall while creating a beautiful clean look. Still, on the appearance, its finish is well-made to provide a scratch-proof and rust-proof service to guarantee a longer lifespan. Use a soft cloth to wipe off any dust or debris build-up for better durability.

Made of durable material, you get to experience more than just an excellent viewing. The materials are strong and safe to use, even in extended operation without dulling or breaking. Additionally, it has a stylish structure with VESA patterns that offer a simple setup in any setting. The included strong cable ties are suitable for holding cords such as HDMI, to enhance a better cable organization.

  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Nice gift
  • Flexible
  • Lovely design
  • Ideal for a smaller-sized tv

Our Verdict

You do not need a huge space to set up this bracket. Its low-profile structure allows simple setup while giving you additional tv room space. Featuring a bubble level to offer an accurate positioning of your wall mount during fixing. Make your viewing more comfortable and straightforward with the full motion tilting up and down and simple right or left tilting. Just pull out to about 19.3 inches and pull back to 3 inches to allow simple movement.

#7. TV Wall Mount For 37-70-Inch Television

ECHOGEAR TV Wall Mount For 37-70-Inch Television


Some tv brackets are way too bulky to encourage a simple setup without facing some problems. That is not the case with the Echogear unit that offers a simple three-step installation. You need to screw the tv mount on TV. Then, bolt the television wall plate to your wall at your suitable position. Lastly, connect your tv to your wall plate. That’s all that it entails, and one person can perform this process with ease for a few minutes.

With a new design, it is compatible with OLED, LCD, LED, and plasma flat screens with VESA patterns that run up to 500 x 400mm. Use it with your existing tv without making any adjustments or buying additional accessories. Another bonus functionality is that this item can extend up to 16 inches and also swivel 130-degrees to enhance a comfortable sitting angle. When packed in, it retracts to as little as 2.6 inches for better portability and storage.

  • Simple 3-step installation
  • Descriptive manual
  • Strong hardware bag
  • Strong wall plate
  • Affordable
  • The mounting base is too short

Our Verdict

The Echogear is among the best tv wall mounts that offer a simple setup. Its retractable design gives you simple storage when not in use. Besides, this item is tested to withstand its weight up to four times for better performance. The included hardware bags offer a secure holding place for screws and other accessories for any tv brand.

#6. Center Design TV Mount

Mounting Dream Center Design TV Mount

  • By: Mounting Dream

Mounting Dream is a renown company that deals in home appliances such as the tv wall mount. The unit above stands out from the rest on the market because of its robot welding technology to offer a safe and sturdy performance. This mechanism guarantees almost a zero maintenance because all the parts have been molded together with perfect precision to give you a prolonged use. It is light enough for one person to carry without difficulties and also for a smooth installation.

With a modern design, this item is compatible with TVs of between 26″-55″ that weight less than 60 pounds. This is great because most people have television sets that fit these criteria. You get a bonus functionality because of an articulating structure that saves space to make viewing much comfortable. This tilting reduces glares for you to sit in your ideal positioning between 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down angle.

  • Heavy-duty steel and aluminum
  • Sturdy and safe
  • Space-saving design
  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent Tv leveling
  • Unclear instructions

Our Verdict

This unit delivers a safe and sturdy service. It comes with installation hardware and instructions that improve a simple setup. The cable ties and bubble level are excellent additions to add more convenience to your usage. Made using robot welding technology is much stronger than the other units with the same price and size.

#5. TV Wall Bracket With Dual Articulating Arm Full Motion

Everstone TV Wall Bracket, Dual Articulating Arm Full Motion

  • By: Everstone

A tv wall mount does not have to be unappealing for it to provide premium service. The above one delivers new aesthetics while giving you a reliable mounting service. With a bold good-looking black finish, it complements most of your interior decor. It has two strong articulating arms that hold up to 88 pounds to fit most television sizes between 26″-60″ and up to VESA 400 x 400 mm.

This accessory provides an easy installation using three steps in under 30 minutes. Plus, the included manual and 3-axis magnetic bubble level enhances the setup process. You get to save money for the purchase of HDMI cable and even cable ties because they are included in the packaging box and corresponding hardware.

  • Full motion tilting
  • High-quality dual arms
  • Easy to setup
  • Simple maintenance
  • Strong cable ties
  • Can not be mounted on drywall

Our Verdict

The Ecerstone wall mount adds an elegant style to a room. The included HDMI cable with a 6 ft. Length is excellent for connecting different devices to your tv for enhanced viewing experience. Also, this item looks stylish and offers a clean and organized room design. For simple maintenance, wipe off with a soft damp cloth to enhance its lifespan.

#4. Heavy Duty TV Wall Mount

Cheetah APDAM3B TV Wall Mount

  • By: Cheetah

With a maximum load limit of 115 pounds, this Tv bracket can hold almost all weights of popular tv sizes and brands. This gives you a worry-free installation together with the instruction manual, magnetic bubble level, and set up hardware. Thanks to a sturdy 17-inch wall plate, it comfortably fits a 16-inch wall stud without the need of amendments for added user experience. If in case you mount to 16-inch studs, there will be zero side-to-side on wall adjustments because your television will be in the center of the studs.

Featuring durable spacers and four sets of mounting screws, this item can fit most televisions. The wall plate level allows you to screw the screws, and if you loosen them a bit, you get a room for simple rotation for leveling. With a 2.7-inch profile when fully retracted, you get a much cleaner interior design.

  • Additional accessories
  • Strong HDMI cable
  • Simple rotation
  • Nice gift
  • Easy to install
  • Difficult to use the tilt lock system

Our Verdict

Do you have a friend that needs an immediate Tv room upgrade? Then this tv bracket is an excellent gift to give him or her because it improves the look of a place without using too much money. Also, it can tilt up to your preferred angle for better viewing position. The magnetic level ensures you have a correct installation.

#3. Universal TV Wall Mount

Cheetah APTMM2B TV Wall Mount

  • By: Cheetah

Not all tv brackets that are available provide a safe operation. This frustrates the user who wants to finish the setup without any hiccups. The Cheetah is good-looking and offers a secure Tv holding up to the recommended weight. You can make your Tv room look more organized by using this unit that has different holes to improve a smooth setup. Its black finish is simple to maintain and works well with most interior decorations and design.

Boasting of universal design, this item fits small to large and curved televisions from 20″-80″ to offer money-saving elements. You do not have to run to the stores to get a new unit for seamless compatibility. Another feature is that it supports the major screen brands, including LG, Samsung, Sony Bravia, Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba, Hisense, TCL, and others. This product has a low-profile style of 1.3 inches with a tilting angle up to 10 degrees to provide a fixed and flat position to a wall.

  • Supports major Tv brands
  • Low-profile construction
  • Easy to lift
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Plastic tabs are made of cheap plastic

Our Verdict

Are you aware you can have a low-profile tv bracket that can withstand extreme pressures? The one above is sturdily built to guarantee a premium service. With a subtle, bold black finish, it looks good in most spaces.

#2. TV Wall Mount Up For Heavy TVs

VideoSecu MW380B5 TV Wall Mount Up to 125 lbs

  • By: VideoSecu

VideoSecu tv mount offers the simplest installation as compared to other units in the market. Installation is simple for one person to complete it without assistance. But, if you prefer a more comfortable and quicker process, you can get help from one of your friends or an installation expert. The bubble level ensures you have a proper setup that will give a suitable level to enhance simple viewing.

This unit is made of premium material that offers an extended us without breaking down or wearing out. Even if you move houses, you can still use it in your new home because this bracket’s shape remains top-notch. Its articulating construction can extend from 16″ up to 75″ from a wall for simple right or left swiveling.

Not only does this give you your suitable viewing angle but a safe operation. The mounting hole pattern is compatible with most styles from 150x100mm to 684x400mm for added convenience.

  • Simple adjustment
  • Comfortable viewing angle
  • Compatible mounting holes
  • Accurate post-setup level
  • Easy to use
  • Cable routing design needs improvement

Our Verdict

If you want a TV wall mount that offers a simple installation, then the above one does not disappoint. Installation takes a few minutes to complete without any difficulties. It has a 160-degree swivel and an adjustable tilt of +12/-12 degrees to enhance a comfortable viewing experience.

#1. TV Bracket With Swivel Dual Arms

Mounting Dream TV Bracket With Swivel Dual Arms

  • By: Mounting Dream

The Mounting Dream Tv mount can hold up to 99 pounds of TVs between 32-55 inches to offer stable performance. It eliminates the problems of unwarranted movements that might decrease your viewing experience. With an innovative design, it can tilt up and down between 5-15 degrees to help reduce glare and improve your seating position. This is an excellent functionality that does not hinder where you sit because you can move around the Tv room, knowing you have a unique viewing angle.

This product comes with a foldable feature that can retract up to three inches to ensure your Tv looks more appealing. It comes with setup hardware and a decent instruction booklet consisting of easy to follow instructions to provide a smooth installation. Follow through the notes and graphics in case you need more assistance. The included paper with a structure for Allen key storage and a template makes installation a breeze.

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy installation
  • Improved viewing experience
  • Universal design
  • Clear instructions
  • Small level

Our Verdict

This wall bracket is perfect for holding both small and large-sized TVs between 32-55 inches. It has a modern construction that eliminates any unwanted tilts for better viewing experience. The robot welding technology offers a sturdy and safe installation and operation.

Buying Guide For The Best TV Wall Mount

Choosing the right tv wall bracket can be a hassle because of the many designs in the market with various features. Some things to consider include weight, size, compatibility, ease of installation, plus more. Let us see some of the top factors you need to put into consideration before buying a tv wall mount.

Size And Weight

The many walls mount currently in the market come in different sizes. But you will notice they have a size range from the minimum to the maximum tv inch size and the weight you will mount on it. A bracket can hold even a 70-inch tv size with no unsteadiness. Make sure you check the size and load specifications to know which item to buy.


Check the flexibility of the unit you are considering to buy. Do you want to view in a tilted angle? Does the positioning affect your sitting position? We know there are tv mounts that lack any titling or articulating angle that allows viewing in a fixed position. Also, if you are viewing from other rooms with maximum comfortability, consider a bracket with a wide pivoting.


Your tv room or living space can have a clean and neat appearance by use of a tv bracket. This item offers a safe and sturdy place to hang your television at your preferred wall height. Also, it is inexpensive and straightforward to install. For the best tv wall mounts currently in the market, check the above products. And pick your most suitable one that meets your needs.

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