Top 13 Best USB Piano Keyboards In 2021 — Review

You can experiment your music skills at home or on the move with the use of a mini controller. It comes with multiple features such as faders, composers, and much more to improve your music production. In this review, we look at the best USB piano keyboard in the market.

The Top 13 Best USB Piano Keyboards

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#1. Professional USB MIDI Keyboard

Akai Professional MPK MINI MKII USB MIDI Keyboard

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  • By: Akai Professional

Take this unit wherever you go without losing control, thanks to its compact structure. It has a design suitable for a traveling musician or a desktop producer. It has all the essentials required to make music on the move. Featuring a cluster of hardware controls with a slim profile footprint, you can compose, record, and perform effect plug-ins and virtual instruments whenever inspiration strikes. Using Hybrid 3 technology, it provides a high-definition synthesizer for a full range of digital manipulation abilities.

This accessory comes with MPC essentials to guarantee a 64-bit music production up to 8 pad panel, plus 1 GB sound library. Not only to give you a user-friendly import capability but also store enough data to take you along the way. You can experience maximum control as you integrate with the free software for a smooth performance. All these reasons are why this product from Akai Professional is the best USB Piano keyboard in this list.

  • Intuitive knobs
  • Increases keyboard melodic range
  • USB powered
  • Compact and portable
  • User-friendly and simple to use
  • Low sensitivity pads

Our Verdict

Akai midi keyboard has a small profile to enhance portability. With a unique Sonivox wobble that has two independent spectral morphing synthesizers channels to provide harmonic controls, discrete LFO controls, and individual filtering.

#2. 25-Key Midi Controller

Korg, 25-Key Midi Controller (NANOKEY2BK)

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  • By: Korg

This midi controller works with “KORG Kontrol Editor” software as you load it into a pc and make customized settings like minimum and maximum values for a control change message. It operates by using a USB cable from a computer to your unit to provide quick and portable service. Also, the USB-midi data and power travel simultaneously for an efficient and clutter-free workspace.

The fader, three switches, and a knob are provided for each of the available 8 channels, to help to solo/mute/record, pan, and control the volume. This arrangement adds convenience when you are recording automation for various channels. A bonus function is the marker button to improve marks assigning at essential parts in a song for efficient song production and recording.

  • Enhances a clutter-free setup
  • Simple to operate
  • Quick recording automation
  • Multiple accessories
  • Affordable
  • Lacks a master volume

Our Verdict

Korg lets you have a customizable and straightforward use. Comes with 25 keys ideal for netbook and laptop computers. The settings with eight channels for seamless music software control.

#3. 32-Key Midi Controller USB Piano Keyboard

midiplus, 32-Key Midi Controller, USB Piano Keyboard

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  • By: Midiplus

With a standard 25 full-size keys, this keyboard can connect to your computer’s USB hub to make it easier to expand the control system. Besides, it has two midi-out sockets to connect your other MIDI components like synthesizers or sound modules. For a person looking for one with inbuilt sound capabilities, this one does not have but comes with multiple functions that improve the audio quality. You can use the touch-sensitive stripes to control the Modulation and Pitch to fit your preferences as you quickly plug and play eliminating complicated setups.

Incorporating 32 velocity-sensitive mini buttons, it lets you edit and produce electronic music on the go. Plus, it’s easy to use for a newbie and expert player to improve their musical creativity. This accessory measures 18.1 x 4.9 x 1.2 inches and has a lovely finish that complements any surroundings style.

  • Durable construction
  • 32-key design
  • Simple to connect
  • Light and thin
  • Simple and clear interface
  • Keys are smaller than other brands

Our Verdict

You can use this keyboard with ease as you plug and play to your computer’s USB hub. Weighs 1.6 pounds, it is quite lightweight and takes minimal storage room best for small and large areas.

#4. Portable USB-Powered MIDI Keyboard

AKAI Professional LPK25 | Portable USB-powered MIDI Keyboard

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  • By: AKAI Professional

If you want a USB piano keyboard that works with standard components like laptops and computers, the above one is an ideal choice. Made from quality material, it can bear the most robust pressures to enhance durability. Now you have a gadget that gives you value for your money and at the same time facilitates a simple operation. With a modern design, it is compatible with either a PC or a Mac laptop as the free software make the process seamless.

Featuring a 13-inch size, this item is slim-line. It incorporates 25 velocity-sensitive keys to allow quick playing of basslines, melodies, chords and much more. The dedicated octave up/down dials increases your unit to the full melodic range as the sustain button is best for expressive performances. The included four memory banks lets you program them for an immediate recall of mappings for virtual instrument, DAWs, and effects.

  • Versatile and user-friendly
  • Multiple velocity keys
  • Superior onboard arpeggiator
  • 13-inch profile
  • Dedicated octave up/down buttons
  • The keys are thin, and the case feels cheap

Our Verdict

Akai Professional is a renowned brand. It has come up with this midi keyboard that connects to a pc and MacBook smoothly. With an On-board arpeggiator, it quickly steps through chords to produce inspiring melodic ideas. Powered by USB, plug and play into a PC or Mac for simple operation.

#5. 61-Key Digital Electric Piano Keyboard

Plixio 61-Key Digital Electric Piano Keyboard

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  • By: Plixio

This is among the best USB Piano keyboard. It is from Plixio. This electronic keyboard is excellent for kids, beginners, and adults. It comes with a user-friendly structure to support every skill level as a first musical instrument to improve creativity. With 61 keys and a lightweight style, you can introduce the youngsters to the world of music and production. You can customize the sounds and play along with songs by pressing a button. For traveling musicians, they can use the dual power supply with 6 AA batteries or power adapter for on the movement practice.

Grab a microphone and connect to this item to enjoy a cool and portable karaoke machine. It comes with a sheet music stand, power adapter, and auxiliary cable for added convenience. Also, it has a lightweight built to allow music lessons on the go to places such as school and events.

  • Easily portable and lightweight
  • Wide range of sound effects
  • Quality microphone jack
  • Comes with multiple components
  • Dual power supply option
  • The AC cord needs more length

Our Verdict

Plixio piano keyboard is perfect for young ones and beginners to enjoy a smooth music experience. It has a microphone jack and multiple sound effects including 40 tones, 60 demo songs, 100 rhythms, 8 percussions, and much more for you to control different effects on the go.

#6. 49 II USB/MIDI Keyboard Controller

M-Audio Keystation 49 II, USB:MIDI Keyboard Controller

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  • By: M-Audio

M-Audio controller has an ultra-portable style with 49 sensitive keys to give you a natural piano feel. The class-compliant specification delivers a smooth USB-midi connection for controlling recording software, playing virtual instruments, and controlling recording software plus more. The dedicated octave up/down helps you increase your keyboard to a full melodic range while the on-board modulation wheels and pitch bend provide a platform for expressive performances.

With a dimension of 9.48 x 80.98 x 7.49 cm, it gives you a lightweight service for you to carry and store it with increased comfort. Also, it does not require a massive room to set up when you are coming up with creative music. Not only does it make it an entertainment piece but it improves your sound experience at home or outdoors.

  • Ultra-portable and lightweight
  • Delivers natural and authentic piano feel
  • USB-powered
  • Easy to use interface
  • iOS compatibility
  • Does not have a non-USB MIDI out

Our Verdict

The above piano keyboard is compact and comes with sensitive keys for an authentic piano feel. For the price, you get more than just a simple music action but multiple functionalities and effects to play and compose pleasant melodies.

#7. Launch Key USB Piano Keyboard Controller

Novation Launchkey USB Piano Keyboard Controller

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  • By: Novation

Novation unit is suitable for Ableton Live as it syncs well with most components. It has 16 velocity RGB pads, dedicated navigation, 8 knobs, and control buttons to give you high versatility as you create different music melodies. The included software works well with PC and Mac as the sustain pedal jack socket, character LED display and 16 full-color drum pads. It offers an ultra-responsive touch to simplify operation.

This accessory is operated by a USB cable and can work without a power cable or drivers. Its modern technology ensures you have quick and smooth action to produce and perform unique electronic music.

  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Simple to operate
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for a beginner

Our Verdict

Novation piano keyboard is well made to sync quickly with Mac and computer. Powered by USB, it ensures you have a friendly and straightforward operation. Plus, the size is lightweight and yet firm to withstand extreme pressures.

#8. USB Piano Keyboard With Multiple Features

Arturia KeyStep

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  • By: Arturia

There are so many reasons why we love think and think it is one of the best USB piano keyboards. It’s because of its lovely design. It looks good and has a quality structure to add beauty to any place. The 32-key keyboard has a slim construction with Polyphonic Step Sequencing, Arpeggiator modes, Chord and more to give you a smooth music experience.

The arpeggiator and sequencing features are well-made and integrated to give you a seamless operation. For a person who is stuck on a function, you can use the clear Keystep for manual to improve performance. This device is constructed from quality material that bears constant pressure and gives you a longlasting service.

  • 32-key design
  • Quality built
  • Play-ability and easy to use
  • Multiple features
  • The app and sequencing features are intuitive
  • It does not have proper DAW transport controls

Our Verdict

Arturia KeyStep play-ability surpasses most designs in the market. It has an attractive look and uses minimal placement space on a desk, table, and much more. The Mod and capacitive pitch strips, arpeggiator and chord modes give you maximum flexibility to perform different functionalities.

#9. Impulse 49 Keys USB Midi Controller Keyboard

Novation Impulse 49 USB Midi Controller Keyboard, 49 Keys

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  • By: Novation

The above accessory is among the best impulse controllers for professional use. This product has a full control surface and a precision keyboard powered by Novation’s Automap control software. It helps to make operation more comfortable, quicker, and convenient with DAW/plug-ins. It also comes with 8 back-lit drum pads that roll beats, warp arpeggios, and launch clips using Ableton live. Also, it’s available with 61, 49, or 25 keys to provide instant access to a DAW transport, mixer, and plug-ins.

With a stack of sounds and free software, this gadget has more features than others in the same price range. You get Ableton Live Lite. It is a loop to help in music-making, Novation Bass Station which acts as a software plug-in, the Loopmasters sample library that comes with over 4GB of samples. Besides, the included Mike The Drummer has 502MB of live drum breaks and loops.

  • USB powered
  • Comes with sustain pedal unit
  • Allows MIDI instruments connection
  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • It has a learning curve

Our Verdict

Novation 49-key has an advanced construction suitable for experts. Its ultra-responsive keyboard is semi-weighted and allows a smooth after-touch in every press. The Automap control software allows quick hands-on access to plug-ins and DAW.

#10. 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

Roland 61-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

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  • By: Roland

This controller has a lovely bold finish to improve the overall design and offer you a smooth cleaning. Wipe off with a soft cloth the dust and dirt buildup to liven up the appearance. Also, you can set it up on multiple places such as a table, desk, workbench, and much more to complement the existing style. With 61 keys, it inspires experts user to create authentic melodies at the comfort of the home or on the move.

Roland item comes with different knobs, sliders, transport, buttons, and more to add a variety of effects in the music production. Also, it requires a USB cable to power it, thus, eliminating the need for an AC adaptor. Another feature is the included 8 Dynamic Pads for MIDI triggering and finger drumming suitable for PC, DAW or Mac components.

  • Durable construction
  • Allows expandable playability
  • Sure-grip modulation sticks
  • Easy to use
  • Lovely finish
  • The tip is smaller for connecting to a power supply

Our Verdict

Roland is simple to clean and maintain as compared to the other units in the market. It has a black finish to blend in well with most decors and at the same time let you have stylish music experience.

#11. Impact USB Piano Keyboard

Nektar Impact LX88+) USB Piano Keyboard

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  • By: Nektar

There is no need to use a piano keyboard that has unresponsive keys. Instead, use this one from a renown brand to make the process effortless and quick. Boasting of 9 LED buttons with multiple MIDI messages like sending MIDI Program changes. For instance, this item has a memory recall feature. It remembers the last word for a corresponding LED button to illuminate, even if the setting was sent through the setup menu or transpose buttons. Preferably, you can assign 8 keys to send messages for you to have immediate access to the 17 buttons without changing the pad map or preset.

With a modern control center consisting of faders, encoders, and MIDI buttons at the center of the control panel, you can send a message for either software or hardware MIDI components. Using Control Center and Nektar DAW integration, the intuitive controls deliver a flexible pre-mapped action. There’s no doubt that this is one of the best USB piano keyboards

  • Fully programmable controls
  • For software and hardware MIDI products
  • Provides flexible pre-mapped DAW operation
  • Bright LED buttons
  • Velocity levels offer a consistent output
  • The keyboard is a bit heavy

Our Verdict

This piano keyboard has responsive buttons to enhance a smooth experience. You can store the settings in one of the 5 Impact presets for recall. If you switch the Null-on dial, it saves any parameter values as you change presets to prevent parameter jumping.

#12. Seaboard Block Wireless Keyboard Controller

ROLI Seaboard Block Wireless Keyboard Controller

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  • By: ROLI

Roli keyboard controller lets you come up expressive music quickly and efficiently. Not only to replace the traditional keyboard but also offer a pressure-responsive surface as you shape your sound. Now you can play at the comfort of your home or on the move and extend its power as you attach to other Blocks. Plus, you can access the sounds on either desktop or mobile through the provided software. To expand this item, you can connect two Seaboard Blocks via ROLI’s magnetic DNA connectors or link to Lighpad, Live, Loop, Touch and other blocks in a modular blocks system.

A bonus function is inbuilt over 100 sounds with multiple melodies and tones to help you express your music capability. This device comes with a high capacity battery to last up to 10 hours to give you uninterrupted service making it a travel-friendly component. Tap the Cog settings of the app and pick the Connect Blocks to pair your device. Also, updating firmware is easy as you press the Firmware Update option in the app.

  • 5D Touch technology
  • 24-keywave playing surface
  • Comes with a variety of sounds
  • Long-life battery
  • Wireless and portable
  • Expensive

Our Verdict

Roli piano keyboard is an expressive musical instrument that offers longlasting service. Every block has a quality music production programs to fit everyone’s needs to take a beginner to a professional over time. The included software bundle consists of an Equator Player, Noise, and Blocks Dashboard for added convenience.

#13. Midi USB Piano Keyboards

Artesia Midi Controller (XKEY25GOLD)

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  • By: Artesia

The above piano is known to be one of the best USB piano keyboards. It comes in a variety of colors such as champagne, silver, dark grey, gold, and black to complement your lifestyle and add beauty to its surroundings. This item has a small design to let yo place in front of your monitor and enhance portability as you carry with a travel or laptop bag. Also, it’s among the high-performing that has 25 full-size keys that can fit comfortably in the surface to give you a smooth performance.

Although the keys produce a clicking noise, they offer an intuitive use to play and respond quickly to most settings to travel to a deep key depth. The mechanism allows you to enjoy a fun and seamless action better than the real keyboard. With fast responsiveness, you can glide across different dials to build your imagination into an authentic experience.

  • Multiple color choices
  • Compact structure
  • Easy to use
  • Long USB cable
  • Affordable and reliable
  • The keys produce a clicking noise

Our Verdict

Artesia midi controller lets you enjoy music to the next level in a stylish way due to the variety of colors. Its compact structure has mixer controllers for live music production as you use the provided USB cable to access quickly in the back of the PC or a gear rack.


Pick the best USB piano keyboard from our list and experience music production on another level. You can create unique melodies at home or on the road at an affordable and user-friendly way.

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  1. Buying Guide For The Best USB Piano Keyboard

    Looking for a reliable USB piano keyboard can get hectic for someone with limited information and time. The following guide has the top factors you need to consider before purchasing.

    Material: The material has to be strong enough to withstand constant use, especially for beginners. The reason for this s they have to learn the essential details first, which takes a lot of practicing hours. Not only pressing keys multiple times but also moving the whole unit from place to place.

    Sensitivity: The next thing is the keypad sensitivity. Some designs are entirely unresponsive unless you put a bit of pressure to the dial. While others require the slightest finger press to perform the expected results. Check for a keypad that has a superior built and responds well to any programming.

    Price: Lastly, is the price. Most people prefer a high performing gadget, not putting too much thought on the amount. There are designs with lesser cost but offer a dependable service. This factor depends on a user’s preferences and his/her budget that meets their needs.


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