Best Waterproof Backpacks In 2021 Review— Top 11 Products

During rainy days or in sports activities, your valuables might get damaged if using an unreliable bag with poor waterproof abilities. There is a simpler method to load up your gear and at the same time, keep them safe by using a reliable carrying pouch. It helps free your hand from fatigue and other stresses by using a shoulder or waist strap. If you want one that gives you comfort and support, you are in the right place. We have done all the research and come up with the top products. In this review, we feature the best waterproof backpack in the market.

The Top 11 Best Waterproof Backpacks

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#11. Waterproof Dry Bag

Waterproof Dry Bag

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  • By: Mountain Splash

Secure your items from damage with this waterproof back that keeps them dry. Keep personal things like phone, camera, books, cards, and documents are safe without worrying about harm. The lovely finish coordinates well with most settings and at the same time, gives your necessities maximum protection. This product is the best waterproof backpack for traveling. It has excellent water resistance making it ideal for kayaking, fishing, canoeing, sailing, boating, and camping. Whether the weather changes abruptly from dry to wet, you can still enjoy the outdoor travels.

If you have a friend or loved one that loves water sports, then this dry bag doubles as a gift. It comes with a comfortable shoulder strap and an ergonomic handle for you to carry your load with ease. Another thing we like is a nice buoyancy, to give you quick access in case of falls on water. It is lightweight and takes only the needed storage room perfect for small and large areas.

  • Keeps valuables dry
  • Excellent buoyancy
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Simple to use
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • A bit small

Our Verdict

Mountain Splash keeps your valuables dry and safe at the same time. You can store important documents like certificates and cards with added confidence. Also, it has an appealing color that blends well with indoor and outdoor scenes.

#10. Waterproof Laptop Backpack

AmazonBasics Laptop Computer Backpack

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  • By: AmazonBasics

This backpack is large enough to fit a 17″ laptop. With large compartments, it holds valuables such as books, pens, smartphone and much more. The extra padded sleeve prevents scratches and other damages that might cause harm to your gear. Measuring 12 x 4.5 x 17.5 inches, the internal space holds more load than other backpacks with a similar design and price. Also, it takes the smallest storage space when not in use.

With a lovely black finish, it adds simplicity and beauty in any place. Besides, the shade compliments most decors, both indoors and outdoors, and at the same time keep you stylish on the move. For a person who loves traveling, this is an ideal gift to act as a camping companion, whether planned or impromptu. Weighing less than 2 pounds, it is lightweight and sturdy to protect your essentials.

  • Large interior space
  • Multiple compartments
  • Simple to use
  • Scratch-proof padded sleeve
  • Comfortable carry
  • Tight-fitting when keeping a 17’’ laptop

Our Verdict

The above bag holds large items comfortable such as a 17-inch notebook computer. The large compartment with a cushioned sleeve prevents scratches and other dents from damaging your stuff. Use the mesh water bottle slots to hold your favorite drink during hiking or a camping trip.

#9. 30L Waterproof Backpack

FE Active - 30L Waterproof Backpack

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  • By: FE Active

This affordable backpack is not only eco-friendly but simple to use. It is tested and certified suitable for outdoor use for an extended time. Carefully constructed with a thick 5mm PVC Tarpaulin, it bears the toughest activities. Also, it is lightweight, weighing under 2 pounds and has a 30l capacity to give you a simple operation. Carry and store it effortlessly with the padded shoulder straps consorting of mesh lining for maximum ventilation and support. No more experiencing pains when transporting load for an extended time.

This bag can be used for indoors and outdoors such as paddle boarding, rafting, kayaking, boating, climbing, camping, surfing, fishing, and even camping. On a daily basis, it accommodates load like books, pens, phones, and other valuables. The mesh netting at the side is an additional feature to hold water bottles. Plus, the corded exterior works well for things such as camping gear, yoga mats, and more outdoor equipment.

  • It has an eco-friendly design
  • Thick PVC material
  • Cushioned shoulder pads
  • Multipurpose
  • Holds water bottles
  • The waist strap is too short

Our Verdict

FE Active backpack is made of an eco-friendly material to offer maximum safety. Constructed of quality PVC Tarpaulin, it bears rugged outdoor actions to enhance durability. Also, the cushioned shoulder strap adds comfort, while the reinforced mesh lining delivers better airflow. With a waist strap, you can tie it for added support.

#8. 30L Waterproof Dry Backpack Set

Vitchelo 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

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  • By: Vitchelo

Unlike the other backpack designs that damage your belongings during wet conditions, this one provides a watertight seal to keep your items dry. It comes with a waterproof phone pouch to ensure your smartphone is free from water damage such as splashes and much more. That means you can carry all the necessities to most outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, swimming, diving, camping and much more. Featuring an innovative roll-top closure design, heavy-duty vinyl tarpaulin, and study welded seam, they work seamlessly to enhance durability.

This item is not only versatile but also practical with a mesh netting pockets and an elasticated front webbing for extra storage. Also, it has a well-made one-handed strap for you to use either the right or left shoulders while the other ones recover. A bonus function is the waist and chest straps that secure your backpack as well as limit side movements. This accessory can float and fold easily to fit in most compartments such as cargo bay.

  • Provides a watertight seal
  • Waterproof phone pouch
  • For outdoor activities
  • Versatile and practical
  • One-handed shoulder strap
  • Quite heavy

Our Verdict

This backpack is perfect for any wet conditions to protect your belongings. For added safety, it comes with a waterproof phone pouch to safeguard your smartphone from damage. Also, it is versatile and practical for use in most sports activities such as kayaking and much more.

#7. School Waterproof Backpack

Himawari School Waterproof Backpack

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  • By: Himawari

The above accessory is among the best waterproof backpacks. It comes with multiple compartments to give you organized storage. Ir has a main slot with a premium lining that prevents laptop scratches and other dents. Also, it is spacious enough to fit a 14″ laptop and iPad. Use the smaller pockets to keep pens, cards, and a smartphone for added safety. With a smooth metal zipper and a leather decoration, it adds style to the overall look.

Boasting of an ergonomic design, it uses strong nylon that delivers breathability and durability to enhance long-term use. Plus, the shoulder straps are soft and yet firm to free your shoulders from stress and fatigue, especially when carrying a heavy load. The straps have strong buckles for you to secure them at a fixed position. This bag allows quick carry options as a handbag, thanks to the convenient top handle. With dual padding, you get not only a tender but also a pain-free carry around the shoulders.

  • Simple to maintain
  • Ergonomic design
  • Breathable nylon fabric
  • Soft and firm straps
  • Dual padding
  • The straps are a bit shorter than other brands

Our Verdict

If you want a waterproof backpack that lets you have organized storage, Himawari is your best choice. It comes with a variety of slots that hold valuables and keep them safe. The front slot is spacious enough to accommodate an iPad mini, 14″ laptop, tablet, and much more.

#6. Ultra Lightweight Waterproof Backpack

ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Waterproof Backpack

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  • By: ZOMAKE

We understand some backpacks can’t withstand extreme use, especially for hiking and other travels. For this one, it is made of unmatched quality material, that offers not only a tear but also water resistance. It also has excellent abrasion strength to bear continuous operation for changing weather conditions. Whether you are out in the rain or on a dry day, it stands the rest to give you maximum item protection. Zomake bag comes in a multipurpose design suitable for day trips, hikes, travels, hiking, school, shopping, and everyday use.

There is no need to leave out some essentials valuables at home because of lack of space. Using this accessory lets you carry important necessities and still has room for more with its spacious 20l capacity. Plus, it keeps them organized for you to have smooth and time-saving access. The metal zipper is safe to use and doubles as an added safety. Moreover, it meets most airport cargo standard to ensure you don’t overload during a flight. For excess baggage, unfold it to act as a carry-on.

  • Unmatched construction
  • Anti-tear and waterproof
  • Simple to use
  • Multipurpose
  • Strong metal zipper
  • Some users complain about its too big size

Our Verdict

Zomake backpack bears excessive use to give you premium service. Made of anti-tear material, it suits both indoor and outdoor applications such as schools, travels, kayaking, and much more.

#5. 40L Lightweight Packable Backpack

Venture Pal 40L Lightweight Packable Backpack

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  • By: Venture Pal

Ventura Pal is the top brands with a compact size to give you a lightweight and dependable service. Weighing 0.7 pounds, you can fold into a smaller structure into its compartment for secure storage. It comes with breathable shoulder straps and some padding to relieve shoulder stress and improve comfort. A chest clip featuring a unique whistle buckle distributes this unit’s weight to keep it centered. This makes it steady suitable for traveling, camping, sports, and hiking.

We like the upgraded design to give you more convenience. It has a wet pocket made of waterproof material to separate the dry and wet items such as beach towels and sweaty clothes. Also, the back slot has a long zipper for added safety. This product has enhanced bar-tacks that provide more durability against mild and excessive activities. The extra strength is improved with a dual-layer bottom piece to allow more load.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact storage
  • Breathable shoulder straps
  • Convenient wet pocket
  • Dual-layer bottom
  • There is not enough padding

Our Verdict

With a 0.7 pound weight, the Ventura gives you a lightweight service. Carry it around with maximum comfort using the breathable shoulder straps. They also alleviate your hands from excessive load.

#4. Waterproof Dry Backpacks

BackSåk Waterproof Dry Backpacks

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  • By: Såk Gear

This bag lets you choose either the 25l or 35l to meets everyone’s carry needs. It features a simple and yet sleek design eliminating garish logos to give you a cleaner look. Match it with your favorite pants, shirts, dress, or even shoe to improve your whole look. Also, pick a color from a wide variety to compliment your lifestyle. With handy D-strings, they hold smaller stuff and water bottles.

Constructed using longlasting 500-denier PVC, it keeps all the content safe with its watertight seal. Plus, the roll-down top and welded seams work together to add strength and safety. Now, you can store all your gear confidently as you carry to an outdoor activity. For more comfort, the included padded back and sternum clip aid in pressure-relieving on muscles. Not only that but also the cushioned straps let you adjust your perfect fitting.

  • Two size choices
  • Clean and simple design
  • Water bottle holders
  • Quality PVC material
  • Relives muscle and back pressures
  • The front zipper slot is not waterproof

Our Verdict

Get a more extensive interior with the Backsak with two options, including the 25l and 35l. It has a clean design with no fluff and logos, to offer a sophisticated carry. Its premium PVC material provides a watertight seal to keep valuables safe for all seasons.

#3. Floating Waterproof Backpack

MARCHWAY Floating Waterproof Backpack

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Marchway backpack has the highest versatility than the rest. It can float on water even if it has a load for you to track your valuables quickly. This makes it ideal for paddling, sailing, boating, kayaking, hiking, canoeing, or surfing in outdoor places. Also, it looks great with a lovely finish perfect as a holiday gift to give a loved one r family member. The design is lightweight and yet durable constructed using premium rip-stop tarpaulin and welded seams to enhance longevity. You will not experience any punctures, rips, or tears in an extreme adventure.

The roll-top closure design is solid enough to offer a watertight seal to prevent your gear from sand, mud, snow, and water damage. Cleanup does not require too much special treatment by wiping with a clean cloth. For simple operation, put your items inside, grab the top tape and roll down a few times, then buckle to seal.

  • Provides maximum versatility
  • A great holiday gift
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Watertight seal
  • Enhances safety
  • It has one strap

Our Verdict

Using the above backpack, lets you enjoy different water sports like hiking, camping and much more. It looks great suitable for all occasions such as camping trips. Also, its roll-top closure delivers a watertight seal to enhance safety.

#2. Waterproof Travel Laptop Backpack

Travel Laptop Backpack

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  • By: MATEIN

Matein backpack accommodates up to 15.6 inch-size laptop great for students and professionals. Boasting of a slim profile, it comes with a USB charging hub for you to connect your device without taking them out of the bag. You can listen to your favorite music while on the move. With lots of pockets, there is the main one for the laptop and the rest to keep daily necessities such as books, phones and much more. Use the front slot to store a key fob hook or pen to improve accessibility.

Thanks to adjustable shoulder straps, you can set to your perfect fitting to eliminate any shoulder pains during portability. Also, they are breathable to eliminate wetness while the top handle has a soft cushioning to give you a tender carry. This bag has a modern airflow structure at the back plus thick multi-panel padding to improve ventilation and support.

  • For 15.6’’ and below laptops
  • Convenient USB charging hub
  • Accommodates multiple items
  • Highly breathable
  • Thick multi-panel padding
  • It has a new bag smell

Our Verdict

If you love carrying your laptop to school or work, then this bag is a great assistant. It holds up to 15.6-inch devices such as MacBook and at the same time gives you maximum comfort. The back padding offers additional support even in prolonged use.

#1. 20L Packable Backpack

HIKPRO 20L Packable Backpack

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  • By: HIKPRO

Hikpro, known as the best waterproof backpacks on the market. It is a durable bag with a simple design suitable for men and women. You can use it for travel, hiking and weekend getaways, thanks to a large 20l size. With a minimalist design, it is super lightweight and easy to fold into a small profile resembling a sandwich, when not in use for a compact storage. The structure helps to reduce shoulder load weighing 7.5 ounces for a relaxing journey. It comes with multiple slots with sturdy zippers to keep your valuables safe.

This bag has a smaller compartment to improve access to cameras and guidebooks during travels. The two larger pockets have reinforced mesh suitable for an umbrella or water bottles. Another thing is a versatile style that not only complements most decor but let you have a comfortable day hike, camp, shopping, and even vacation. It is made of water-resistant fabric that keeps your things safe, even in wet conditions.

  • For men and women
  • Large 20l capacity
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Multiple pockets
  • Water-resistant construction
  • The zippers only go halfway

Our Verdict

This backpack has a minimalist design ideal for men and women. With a 20l interior space and a 7.5-ounce weight, you can load multiple items for simple transport. The different compartments keep things organized to facilitate simple access.


The best waterproof backpack keeps your valuables safe even in wet conditions. You can load all your gear safely and carry them to a camping site or for other outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, and much more. Also, it is made of waterproof material that can bear extreme weather conditions such as snow, dust, dirt, and much more. If you want a reliable one, choose one from the top list, and enjoy secure travel.

1 thought on “Best Waterproof Backpacks In 2021 Review— Top 11 Products”

  1. Buying Guide For The Best Waterproof Backpack

    Going for an outdoor activity is an exciting experience. Unfortunately, some bags cannot handle the wet conditions and damage your properties. That’s why a waterproof backpack is an ideal choice to keep items dry and safe at the same time. We have come up with this guide based on construction, design, material, waterproof abilities, and much more.

    Construction: Any reliable product has to have quality construction. The materials come in play to ensure you have an extended use. For a waterproof backpack, check the fabric used, the most common being nylon and PVC Tarpaulin. The reason why the latter is preferred is that it offers a better tear-resistance and scratch-resistance than the others. Plus, polyester has excellent breathability to give your back a nice airflow when carrying your load for a long time.

    Design and Portability: Does the bag have padded shoulders? What options does it have for portability? The most common feature is padded shoulder straps with adjustability options. It helps improve support and comfort when carrying both light and heavy load. If you prefer a tight-fitting strip, set the level to fit your suitability.

    Price: The other thing to check is the price. Some people go for one that meets their budget while others choose to pay more to get better service. Look at the features that meet your carrying needs and pick the one that can handle the weight and type of valuables.

    Scratch Resistance: Does the bag have an extra feature to prevent damage to your valuables? The newer designs come with a padded lining that ensures no damages to your items. Normally, it is made of soft and yet firm material with high breathability and abrasion resistance.


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