The 7 Best Window Well Covers Review – In 2021

Protect your pets and kids from falling into your basement with the best window well covers. It is a protector with different sizes to fit a specific window well. Most have a semicircular shape with a sheet material for your cellar’s opening. Apart from its compact and straightforward use, it is also stylish. Its finish looks great in most households while preventing dirt and debris collection. If your basement has window wells, you need to keep moisture away. That’s why this product delivers a solution to eliminate snow and water buildup. The journey of researching and finding a reliable one is tough. To make this process simpler, below are the best window well covers in the market.

The Top 7 Best Window Well Covers

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#7. Polycarbonate Circular Window Well Cover

48 in. x 22 in. Polycarbonate Circular Window Well Cover

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  • By: Shape

The Shape window well cover protects your kids and pets from falling through a basement entry. It is constructed from clear polycarbonate, which is unbreakable. The design allows light into the space to give you a comfortable view. This makes it suitable for cellars with dark settings that need a more natural lighting system. Note that the material is easy to maintain even after hard knocks from pebbles and crawling animals.

Besides, this cover measures 48 inches long by 22 inches wide to suit a variety of window well designs. It comes with a spring-clip hardware and clear instructions for a smooth installation up to 10 minutes. Made from UV-stabilized plastic, it stops most sun damages. For instance, it does not create haze, crack, or discolor like the other materials.

  • Maximum pet protection
  • Clear polycarbonate
  • Comfortable inside view
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to use
  • Pretty flimsy

Our Verdict

This Shape cover protects your kids and pets at home. The installation process takes only 10 minutes, thanks to the spring-clip hardware. Also, after the setup, this item keeps leaves, debris, snow, rain, animals, and cold away. It is made from UV-stabilized plastic that stops sun damage, such as cracking.

#6. Type G Promotional Circular Bubble Well Cover

Bon W4218 Bon 43-622 Type G Promotional Circular Bubble Well Cover

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  • By: Energizer

Getting the best window well cover that gives you the desired service is hard. This is because the market has a lot of designs to suit a variety of applications. If you preferred a model that improves your basement insulation, you’ve found it. The Energizer cover is well made to keep debris, leaves, snow, and rain out. That means a clutter-free cellar every time you go collect an item.

Another thing is the use of quality plastic. This material is weather-resistant as well as rust-proof. You can install your cover in any season, not worrying about weather damages. You can make a little hothouse after placing two of these covers together. That makes it perfect for radishes and lettuces early season harvest.

In addition, this area cover has a stylish and modern look. Its transparent finish has better natural lighting acceptance than the solid ones. You can pinpoint an accessory quickly when in the basement and, at the same time, get maximum safety. What’s more, is a user-friendly design measuring 43 inches long x 18 inches wide x 12 inches tall. Not only that but also it weighs around 1.2 pounds to improve the installation. Attach this product to your window well to your foundation for more safety. The secure it is, the better it can prevent water and debris from getting inside your basement. An added advantage is its low profile look after setting to safeguard against contractor’s or mower’s damage.

  • Excellent insulation
  • Keeps rain and snow out
  • Quality plastic construction
  • Lightweight and longlasting
  • Improves safety
  • Some case of sun bleaching the plastic causing too much rigidity

Our Verdict

The Energizer’s leading window well cover improves your basement insulation. It has a modern design that keeps debris, stones, leaves, and water out. Not only that, but also it is made from premium plastic. This material is weather-resistant to resist environmental damages. Add style and functionality to your basement window opening with its transparent finish. It looks great and at the same time, improve the interior lighting.

#5. Universal Fit Polycarbonate Window Well Cover

Shape Products 44 in. X 38 in. Universal Fit Polycarbonate Window Well Cover

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  • By: Shape Products

Shape Products’ window well cover offers a universal fit to give you a simple installation. Boasting of a decent size, it measures 44 inches long x 38 inches wide. That means smooth handling as well as placement to your ideal location. Not only that, but also it is made from quality polycarbonate material that offers maximum strength. This fabric is lightweight and flame resistant. It ensures superior insulation while providing you with excellent energy efficiency. When it comes to impact resistance, it 200 times more powerful than other materials in the market.

As earlier stated, the excellent impact resistance of this item makes it dependable. It can withstand damage from stones, hailstorms, snow, and even walking animals. Note that the overall construction is suitable for loads that weigh up to 400 pounds. This limit is more than what similar-priced window well covers offer. Featuring a steel insert and a molded back-bar, they give off maximum support. Besides, you enjoy an easy installation by using standard assembly hardware and tools. Plus, its 15-pound weight makes it super easy to carry and fix onto your basement window well.

  • Universal fit
  • Easy to install
  • Quality material
  • Supportive steel insert
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Some customers complain about damaged corners after delivery

Our Verdict

This window well cover boasts of a universal fit to improve your installation. Measuring 44 inches long x 38 inches wide, it is smooth to handle. Not only that, but its 15-pound weight can support a load of up to 400 pounds. This item is made from polycarbonate, which has excellent impact-resistance. It offers maximum durable, flame resistant, as well as superior insulation. For the best support, the steel insert and molded back-bar work together to provide safety as well.

#4. Type A Window Well Cover

Maccourt Products Inc W4018 Type A Window Well Cover

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  • By: Maccourt

This is a transparent and sturdy window well cover to allow natural lighting to seep in. You can see the stuff in your basement easily, even without turning in the lights. Another factor is its perfect size measuring 40 inches long x 18.5 inches wide x 9.5 inches high. This dimension lets you enjoy a fast and straightforward installation without using too much effort. For best results, mark the points you want to drill holes with a carpenter’s tape. It ensures the inside is less stuffy and more breathable, especially on hot days. At the same time, you can locate a product with better ease and comfort. In addition, this cover has all the hardware tools to give you a smooth setup.

We love its clear design that looks stylish in most cellar and basements. Plus, a heavy-duty dome construction makes it a solid option to withstand abuse from usage and installation. If you live in an area with lots of walking and crawling animals, this is the best gadget. It offers maximum protection against wind, snow, and unwanted guests through the window well opening. Even your children get extra safety against falling through the entry.

  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Simple installation
  • Improves airflow
  • Stylish and durable
  • Keeps pets safe
  • Needs a bit of modification to fit perfectly

Our Verdict

The Maccourt cover is a Type A protector that provides maximum sturdiness. Its transparent style is strong while allowing natural lighting into your basement. You can now locate your stuff quickly, even without switching on a light. Another thing is its simple structure and setup tools. This means you can have a simple installation to prevent crawling and walking insects from getting in.

#3. HD Window Well Cover

W4419 Hd Window Well Cover

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  • By: Maccourt

Let’s look at another great window well cover from Maccourt company. This one keeps your basement free of clutter, thanks to its solid construction. It can fit a window well of under 40 inches long and less than 16 inches protection. Note that it can cover both a rectangular or circular well. In addition, this item improves the area’s insulation as it keeps snow and rain out. Now, you have a reliable and affordable product that eliminates wetness and dirt inside your basement.

We love the variety of designs the Maccourt company offers. You can choose a heavy-duty model to provide maximum performance. Similarly, the material ensures walking, and crawling insects and animals stay out. Constructed from sustainable material, it is durable, robust, and impact resistant. As a bonus, the fabric insulates your cellar while saving energy. Besides, this accessory is super thick to give you an extended service, hence a cost-effective device.

  • Nice and sturdy
  • Super thick material
  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent insulation
  • Keeps crawling animals out
  • A bit small

Our Verdict

If you have a basement in your house that allows leaves, debris, and dirt to enter, this is an excellent alternative. The Maccourt W4419 cover has a solid construction to handle unfavorable weather elements such as snow and rain. Not only that, but also its compact size is perfect for rectangular and circular window wells. Made from heavy-duty material, it offers excellent insulation. That ensures crawling animals stay out to keep your items safe at all times.

#2. Circular Low Profile Window Well Cover

Maccourt 4017CH Circular Low Profile Window Well Cover

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  • By: Maccourt

The Marcourt has joined the top brands that deliver the top window well covers in the market. This one has excellent functionality that is simple to use by experts as well as beginners. Made from impact-resistant plastic, it is durable and easy to maintain. The material is rust-proof and fade-proof to give you value for money no matter the season. Apart from quality design, it has a user-friendly dimension. It measures 40 inches long x 17 inches wide x 3.5 inches high. This is the standard measurement to fit 40″ x 17″ window well with a curved design. Furthermore, this item’s low profile finish allows simple basement insulation.

For a straightforward installation, use the instruction booklet to get more information. Not only that, but the clips help you fasten to your ideal location. They are made from quality material which flexes easily than the rest. Now, you can access your basement with ease every time you want to store or remove an item. Moreover, this item is a Type K circular shape that keeps debris, snow and rain out. This means your cellar is free of clutter from leaves all season long.

  • Excellent functionality
  • Simple to use
  • Impact-resistant plastic
  • For semicircular window wells
  • Keeps out snow and rain
  • This item is a bit brittle

Our Verdict

Install this cover with ease onto your window well. It has a user-friendly design made from quality plastic material. Not only for durability but also for excellent impact resistance. Another thing is its standard measurement for a semicircular basement window well. Use the provided clips to fasten the cover onto your window well. They prevent movements and shakes even in windy or snowy conditions.

#1. Translucent Area Well Cover

Amerimax Home Products 75260 Translucent Area Well Cover

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  • By: Amerimax

This is among the top-rated window well covers currently available online. It is provided by a renowned brand known as the Amerimax Home Products for beauty and functionality. With a translucent style, you can improve the look of your window well opening. Also, it has an excellent sturdiness to prevent unwanted people from getting into your basement. Another thing that makes this item among the top-used is its superior load-bearing. It allows you to either a metal or plastic area wells with a 16-inch projection and 37-inch width. Use this accessory product to prevent your kids and pets from falling into the basement opening.

In addition, this cover delivers maximum safety, thanks to its modern design. It is a cheaper way that improves security and, at the same time, allows natural lighting into your cellar or basement. The solid designs make the whole setting dark and require you to turn on a light fixture every time you want to access something. Besides, this item is longlasting due to its heavy-duty material. What this means is the simplicity of use as well as maintenance. As it prevents snow, rain, leaves, and debris from entering, it keeps the space clutter-free.

  • Lovely design
  • Allows natural light to seep through
  • Superior load bearing
  • Improves kids’ and pet security
  • Simple installation
  • Some users complain about its zero flexibility

Our Verdict

The Amerimax window well cover offers excellent strength and beauty into your basement opening. Boasting of a translucent design, it allows natural light to seep through to improve the cellar ambiance. Not only that, but also it is super strong, thanks to the heavy-duty construction. You can enjoy a simple installation using online instructions to prevent kids and pets from falling through the basement opening.

The Best Window Well Covers: Buyers’ Guide

When choosing the best window well cover, some considerations are necessary. We understand a lot of designs in the market make it hard to pick the one that meets your needs. That’s why we’ve decided to do all the legwork for you. The following guide is based on the material, shape, durability, installation, security, and even size of the cover.


The most common material for the top window well cover is polycarbonate. It has impressive strength and can bear even the toughest window elements pressures. For instance, this material can withstand snow, wind, hailstorm, and other damages. Also, it is longlasting to allows the correct light amount inside your cellar. At the same time, it keeps humidity and debris out. However, it can restrict airflow, although it’s not airtight.


Installing your window well cover should be pretty straightforward. Go for a design that has a user-friendly structure and simple instructions. The following is a simple way to can set up your cover for the best protection. Remember, that designs vary slightly in size and also the brand’s specification.

  • Place the cover over the cellar or basement window well in a centered position. Ensure it is flush against your wall.
  • Mark the protector with a painter’s tape where it meets the window well. Make sure you pinpoint a location approximately 5 inches away from your wall.
  • Remove your product from your cellar or basement window and drill a hole in the previous markings. You can use scrap wood underneath the cover when drilling to keep it free of marks.
  • Attach your clips or connectors to the cover through the drilled holes.


As earlier stated, there are polycarbonate and metallic covers. What you should consider is which material gives you the best service. Not only does the protector get exposed to unfavorable elements, but it should bear them without wear. For example, it prevents hail storms, winds, scorching sun, and rain damages. Other models go a step further and offer maximum protection against stones and logs. Therefore, go through the maintenance instructions as well as usage before purchasing. Remember to check if the material is durable, abrasive-resistant, and rust-proof for more safety.

Security and Support

Still, on safety, the best window well cover should give and your maximum family security. It doubles as an emergency door in case of burglaries and other troubles. Therefore, select a durable protection to prevent quick tearing and damage. For more flexibility, you can use it as an entry from the outside. Consider a design that has locks that lets you have easy access from the inside. This will give you full control of who is getting in or coming out.

Style, Shape, and Size

Another factor you should check is the overall dimension of the cover. Depending on what you’re looking for, measure your basement entry before buying the product. Not only is this important, but also it prevents returns or replacement. Besides, the style of this product improves the beauty and elegance of your home. You should have the correct measurements, and the following is an easy guide for that.

Measuring Your Window Well

Start by taking measurements from the face to the edge of the window well. If the design of the well is above the surface, take the sizes of that area as well. When choosing the size and layout of this item, a lot of styles are available. You can select a bubble-shaped, oval, circular, rectangular, or square covers. Always match the form of the protection to fit your window well much better.

Remember, to consider the typical designs such as standard grates, flat, wrought iron rates, bubble covers, custom made grates, dome covers, and also the clear option. It might not be easy, mainly when you check both beauty and functionality. A simple way of selecting the best window well cover is to buy one that matches the outside of your house. It’s always a good idea to blend the exteriors of your home, condo, or apartment. Otherwise, if your window well is different, it can cause an unusual shape.

Transparent Covers

When it comes to clear designs, they bring in natural lighting. Not only into basements but also cellars. Similarly, they offer excellent coverage to prevent humidity, leaves, stones, and even debris from entering your basement. Besides, they come in a dome or bubble shape for that unique design.

Color Of The Cover

Another consideration is the color of the best protection. While all styles and sizes of this product keep your pets and family safe, it can also improve the beauty. A good design for more aesthetics is transparent or is a grated window well. Both of these deliver excellent functionality, making them ideal for trapping large elements like kids, pets, and branches away. However, their aluminum, iron wrought, or steel construction prevents natural lighting from seeping into your basement.


Pick the best window well cover above and enjoy more safety in your home. Most designs are made from a polycarbonate material that has excellent impact resistance. Not only that, but it also delivers exceptional insulation. Apart from these benefits, go through the best window well covers above and get more information.

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