Luxear Wall Mount Shower Caddy With Suction Cup

Multipurpose Wall Mount Shower Caddy With Suction Cup 1

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By: Luxear

The easiest and simplest way to store your shampoo bottles and other facial foams is definitely using a shower caddy. It looks neat and nice, and it offers just the right space for you to organize your shower items easily. Since I have been using a good one, I want to share my experience with you today in this review. It is going to be a long one to read because I want to make sure that I include every detail. I like this shower caddy for so many reasons, and I list them all below for you.


I am a minimalist, so design always matters to me. I like this shower caddy because it looks really neat, and it also makes a nice compliment in my bathroom as well. In fact, this color and design can easily compliment any different bathroom décor out there. Apart from the appearance, the overall design of this caddy is also convenient to use. The special thing is the hollow bottom design that helps to drain water fast. It is normal for the shampoo bottles to have water on the surface when we use them in the shower. This is why this drain is helpful because dry bottles also means no bacteria or odor buildup in the caddy. That simply makes your bathroom looks nice and smells nice which is simply great.


None of us wants to use an item that breaks easily, and things go the same with shower caddy. I like this caddy because it can handle the weights of my shampoo bottles and accessories very well. As a matter of fact, this shower caddy can support up to 22lbs without shaking or wobbling at all. Thanks to its design from high quality ABS material, the whole thing is very sturdy and tough. Not to mention that it is oil proof and waterproof, you can use it for years to come. On top of that, it is very easy to clean up which is a total plus. Regular cleanup and maintenance also helps to prolong the durability and life of the caddy which is great.

Easy Installation

I am a (lazy) girl, and drilling or complicated installation is not my cup of tea. Well, I don’t even have any installation tools in my apartment. The convenient thing about this shower caddy is that I can easily install it on the wall using the suction cup. It is fast and easy, and it does not involve with glue or any tool at all. With just a few minutes, and I can get this nice shower caddy on my bathroom wall right away. A quick tip though, you want to find a clean and smooth wall surface to install this caddy. There are instructions that you can follow actually, so things are not too difficult. I am useless at installation and I still could do it which means the process is a piece of cake.

Storage Capacity

Another great thing that I like about this shower caddy is definitely the storage space that it offers. I only have three bottles to store which are my body shampoo, hair conditioner, and hair shampoo. This caddy has just the right space for three of them, and the shelf is deep and large as well. This helps with the easy storage because I know that my bottles will not drop at all. On top of that, there are also several hooks for accessories hanging which is a total plus. The whole shower caddy is so convenient to use, and I just like it so much.

Multipurpose Wall Mount Shower Caddy With Suction Cup 2


I know that the title does say shower caddy because I mainly use it in my bathroom. However, this caddy is versatile enough for you to use in the bedroom or kitchen as well. The design that it comes with does not pick the place to install, and the decision is all yours. You can get two and use one in the bathroom while another in the kitchen. With the space that it offers, there are many different things that you can store using it. It all depends on what you need because the whole thing is very easy to install and use.

In Summary

  • The whole thing is easy to clean and take care of for long term use.
  • It can hold up to 22lbs in weight without losing balance or shaking at all.
  • This shower caddy is very easy to install because of its suction cup design.
  • The construction from high quality ABS makes this caddy so durable and tough.
  • With versatile design, you can use it pretty much anywhere not in just in the bathroom.
  • Its storage space is large and hollow, and there are hanging hooks for additional storage.
  • There is a hollow drain that make sure that there is no water to avoid bacteria and odor buildup.

Multipurpose Wall Mount Shower Caddy With Suction Cup 3

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I hope that I include every important information that you need to know about this versatile shower caddy. It comes with everything from durability to quality and style that you can trust. Plus with the good price, you will not regret choosing it at all. When you choose the right option like I did, it saves both your money and time. Feel free to check and see if its design and performance has what it takes to match with your preference. Many users also highly recommend this option, and maybe you will like it too.

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